Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday

I feel like a broken record. I have nothing to report. Really. Sigh.

It's been two weeks, well pretty close, since I sent Pieces out to find a home. And I am still waiting. Worse than that I could be waiting a lot longer. I know it will eventually be released with someone so I have no worries there, but I'd like to get it nailed down so I can announce it. I'm proud of Pieces . For those who are wondering it's name comes from the "pieces" of the heart. You know your heart is broken into pieces. Don't know why but I thought it fit the story. It's an angstier, darker story than some of the others I've written lately. One hero, Patrick, is still dealing with the suicide of his boyfriend and his guilt over that.

I'm also still waiting for the cover of May's release, Only His Heart. I'm sure you've noticed it's still blank there on the right of the blog. Trace has been working on some other May covers over the last couple of days so I am hoping mine will show up soon.

I'm still working on His One and Only. Poor guys, Drew and Mark, have yet to have sex. They'll get to it eventually, lol.

Kevin's Interlude should be posted Saturday.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. You need to move back to His One and Only soon. Drew and Mark need to get laid. ;)

  2. I know but Kevin insisted on getting laid first.

  3. Well by the time Pieces appears I hope you will be ready for it, EH. There is angst but I don't think it's too gloomy. Maybe Ava can say for sure as she has read it.

    And as you who love Kevin know, he has no trouble making his voice heard.

    As for my cover, yes, I hope we will all be happy with it when it finally arrives, :D

  4. As for Shayne, we were both hoping to take get some talk time in over the weekend. It all depends on what his, lol.

    Love ya, Jack.

  5. It all depends on what his, lol.

    You do know he is going to read this.. at some point..

    Remember your BFF is sick and can't save you....


  6. lol, nah, only if Josh or Brent call him to tell Jack what I said, then I might be in trouble.

    Otherwise Jack won't see it. He only checks up on me rarely, lol

  7. You do know that you have now tempted fate? lol

    Best of luck to you. What kind of flowers do you like? lol