Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Rather than post an excerpt on Saturday this week I am going to post Kevin's free story. Which, of course, means I need to have it done by then.

Next week's excerpt (April 3) will be from my next release, Still the One (and then of course there will be a giveaway after that).

Last call to send me any questions you have for Ashtyn as I intend to emal them to him before the end of the month. Email me at with anything you want me to ask.

Now, I have a question. It relates to direct sequels rather than related books like the Only series.

If you as a reader like a certain couple who had a happy ever after, would you continue to want to see more of them in sequels? Or would that be enough? And if you wanted sequels would the length bother you? If the only sequel to your beloved couple would be short, say even less than 10,000 words, would you still want to read it or would that be unsatisifying? Am I rambling? Probably.

I guess what prompted this was a recent comment I saw on a sequel where the person mentioned they had been looking forward to it but it was too short and that left them unsatisfied, so I'm wondering if the sequel should have never been written if it didn't add anything to the couple's story.

So answer if you want or if I am even making sense. It's quite possible I am not.

Anyway, look for the free story (speaking of beloved couples) on Saturday.


  1. I like sequels to stories that I enjoyed. But sequels (meaning books you have to buy here) must add to their story. If it's just a short with fluff, or just one single sex scene, it should probably just be a freebie or something. But thar's just me. *shrugs*

    But then again, don't ruin the HEA either! I want them to be happy. Sure, some problems they got to have still to overcome them and actually make a story, but nothing major. Particularly no cheating, I'm very in on that. I hate it. If the characters are meant to be, they will not cheat! *g*

  2. Yeah I wouldn't want a sequel to a beloved couple to include cheating either. And to me including a "third" in their relationship falls under this. That's not okay to me, though, I know others feel differently

  3. I'm definitely one of those readers who will fall in love with certain characters, and if the author does a direct sequel, then I'll be all over it. But, to me anyway, the sequel or not to sequel question depends on the state of the relationship when the 1st book ended. If it's a HEA, a good solid HEA, then I'd rather not see the poor guys run through the wringer again. If an author leaves me with a HEA, then in my head, they are happy forever. But if there are unresolved issues or more of a HFN ending for the 1st book, then to me at least, the characters have more story in them to tell and I'd enjoy reading about them getting to a solid HEA.

    As for length, as long as it is long enough to resolve the issues and leaves the men happy and together, then I'm happy.

    I'm with you both on the no cheating thing in a sequel. The 'third' for some fun...I'm open to that if it fits the characters and where their relationship is at that point in time. If they are a totally committed couple and then suddenly decide 'oh, let's invite hot Bobby over for a 3-some', then I'm not into that. But I've read some books with a 3rd for fun fits, then again, I'm also a-ok with m/m/m relationships in romances and I know some readers prefer to keep their romances focused on a couple.

  4. To be honest, if I like the couple then yes, I would like to read more. Whether it be a freebie or a short story does not matter as long as it does not change the HEA. I enjoy dropping in and checking up on them.

    Have a great day.


  5. I can accept an m/m/m pairing more if the relationship is initially set up that way in the first book. I would expect the m/m/m relationship to be realistically established by the end of the first book and wouldn't just be adding another dude to a couple. In order for this to work in anyway, for me at least, the three need to get together at the same time and not just have a third guy butt in (lol) to the couple.

    If the first book is about a couple and then a sequel adds in "Joe" I just don't think the first couple was a strong couple to begin with and I, as a reader speaking now, feel cheated for their relationship. It ruins the entire first book for me. Makes me think I invested in a couple who never really committed to each other.

    And this goes to the same with adding a third just for a fun time. Um, what's wrong with just the two of them having fun? I realize fiction is fantasy, but I can't help what I would think if my partner suddenly said, "You know what would be fun? Let's invite Doug over and all three of us get it on." I can assure you I would not be amused.

    To me an established couple is a couple and should not encourage cheating in any way and adding a third even for fun to me is cheating.

    Yes, I wrote about a cheater, but in Brad's case, Brad and Justin were not an established couple to the reader at that point in the story. Once they reunited there was no way, no how Brad would cheat.

    I know there was a rather successful series written where one half of an established couple cheated during some rough times in their relationship. I think I would have a really hard time reading that book, but I know some of my friends have read it and still ended up routing for the couple.

    Anyway, I think I am getting off the subject of sequels, lol. I know, speaking for myself, I've had requests for sequels from readers for books where I think the couple had a pretty strong HEA, but they hated to say goodbye to the couple. I think that's pretty natural and is one of the reasons I decided to do the "free" stories for couples I knew I probably wouldn't create a full on sequel for.

    I'm fairly certain those that love Kevin and Michael would be pretty damn pissed if I broke them up just to have a sequel.

  6. Yeah, adding a third is cheating for me too. I like m/m/m stories, if they're done right - and done right for me is that all of them get together at the same time. That two people, committed, suddenly takes another into their relationship just feels weird to me... *shrugs*

    Yes, Shawn, we who love Kevin and Michael would certainly be pissed if you broke them up just to have a sequel! *g*

  7. lol, that's what I figured.

    I can say from knowing the character, without a doubt, Kevin would be the most devastated of my characters if Michael ever cheated on him. But no worries there. Michael is completely and forever besotted. :D

  8. Awwww, I love Kevin! *g*
    Yeah, good for Michael that he is, or I'd go kick his ass into the next millennium! *g*

  9. Shawn,

    Don't think there is any reason for Michael cheating on Kevin that would not devastate him (K). I could only come up with one that would be understandable: Michael being kidnapped, attacked and left for dead (in a different state) with no memory. Yet even when he tries to get on with his life and dates someone he finds that subconsciously something pulls him back because Kevin is such a part of Michael's soul. That is probably the only reason I could think for Kevin to forgive Michael.


  10. That's quite the imaginative scenario there, S. Are you sure you don't want to be a writer? :D

    Um, yeah, even then I don't think Michael would forgive himself once he remembered Kevin.

    Nah, I think it's just too cruel to contemplate, lol

  11. Shawn,

    Agree with you, Michael would not forgive himself without deep therapy and Kevin bopping him over head. Imagine Kevin in a deep lavender shirt, lime-green pants shaking a feather at Michael while he is tied to a chair, lol. (sorry, could not resist)

    Part of me would love to write but as my best friend and I used to joke, I have quite the imagination but not the ability to write well.


  12. LOL, lavender and green. That's pretty funny. He might wear that.

    Well never say never as far as writing is concerned. You might be surprised at how much you love it once you started to write.

  13. Yes, indeed way to cruel to even contemplate. So stop it right now! *lol*

    Really looking forward to the short you're going to post with them! *g* They're so awesome!

  14. Thanks TT. Since they do seem to be somewhat popular they'll pop up here a few times a year. :)

  15. Late and playing catch up...

    If I am invested in a set of characters whether I like them yes or no - I would want to see a second or a third book with them - but something meaty - not just a book (novel) just for the sake of keeping fangirls heart fluterring. Sometimes also an author somes into oher/his own in a second and a third book..

    I find authors that do that lose a lot of what make the characters lovely and then they just feel flat without a proper storyline to be worth it..

    Little sips however like what you give us with Kevin and the other boys - I don't mind.

    That said if (I) get them too often I will probably stop reading them after a while - because, it will just start getting frivolous (not sure if I am making sense here)

    P.S. How can you mention - Michael - cheat - kevin - in the same sentence....

    Please dont even go there - I would string Michael up by his balls - be warned...


  16. No worries, EH, I seriously would NOT do that to Kevin. Shayne would want to murder me and call me his ex-bff, so it wouldn't happen.

    Don't worry also, I will make the little sips of my old characters just an ocassional thing. After all if I played with them too much no knew characters would get written and surely we cannot have that!

  17. After all if I played with them too much no knew characters would get written and surely we cannot have that!

    We most certianly cannot have that - See you have just teased us with Pieces.... We love meeting all these new men you keep introducing us to..


  18. I just hope they continue to be enjoyable when you read the news ones, EH, and everyone else.