Thursday, April 13, 2017

Latest Story Updates April 2017

The Sutter's Bay series will be coming soon as a boxed eBook set with JMS Books. So look for that, later this month, I think.

In other news, I am in the process of contracting several more orphaned AQ stories. These include The Squire, Sorcerer's Lover and Sorcerer's Lover 2, Waking the Prince, Admiring Jesse, Jake's Regret, The Other Side, Needing Seth, Manfred's Curse, and Unobtainable. 

There are still a few that haven't found a home and I'm not certain I will be pursuing re-publication for these at this point. I never say never though.

Pulling Away and Pulling Apart, have to be technically run through Loose Id as they are connected to Car Wash, which they currently have the rights to. Right now I don't have any intention of offering them to Loose Id, so they remain unavailable.

Other AQ stories that I have have no plans for are: Hitting It Big, Lost Between, The Impostor, The Best Gift, Still the One, A Knight for All, and It's Only Make Believe. I think that's about it for my former AQ catalog.

I still have zero news on the stories orphaned by the closure of Ellora's Cave, which are, of course, Perfect Man, Trust, Another Chance, Wanting Sam, and um, the Topaz book. I forget the name right now. Sorry.

There were a few free stories I had on All Romance eBooks that are no longer out there as well, including two Christmas stories, Last Christmas and The Naughty Ones. I might some day get those up on Amazon. We will see.

And finally, I am working on a new story but I am not pushing myself to work on it too fast so I have no clue when I will get it finished nor who it will go to. It involves a Hollywood actor and a nurse.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Only Boxed Set Coming Soon

Coming March 25, 2017, the Only Series will be available as an ebook packaged set from JMS Books.Below are the covers. The first one is the cover that goes up on Amazon only but I think it's pretty cool.

That's the news for now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First 2017 Post and Update on My Writing

Happy New Year.

I am sure by now most have heard about the debacle that was All Romance eBooks. I don’t know a single publisher willing to take her ten cents deal. I self-published a few free titles on there, but as a self-publisher, I am not owed any money. Through various publishers, I am though. I am, understandably, not optimistic.

I think Ellora’s Cave is officially gone now. They no longer have books listed on their site. Mine are gone too. Unfortunately they appear, at present, to be still available at Amazon. Maybe others. I haven’t checked. For your reference the titles there are Perfect Man, Trust, Another Chance, Stone of Wrath, and Wanting Sam.

Please don’t buy them on Amazon. I haven’t actually gotten paid any money from EC for over a year. They probably owe me a few hundred at this point, not too much, since the books were released years ago, but even still. I anticipate them coming down from there at some point also.
Supposedly I have the rights now, though I never got anything “official” from EC and I know I am not the only one. I am very proud of those books, especially Perfect Man, Trust and Another Chance. But in all honesty, I doubt they will ever see the light of day again. Hopefully you have a copy of those stories somewhere
I’m not really much into self-publishing to begin with. I still have some titles I got the rights back for with Amber Quill, and I have done exactly squat with a lot of them. I’m not sure I ever will. But I know for sure my old EC titles are dead and buried. Done.


As for all the rest, I can honestly say I have no idea if I will continue writing in 2017. I really loved my last release with Loose Id, California Dreaming, and thought it was a great story, but it didn’t sell very well, to be honest and I can’t deny I am extremely disappointed by that.

While I am still re-releasing some work with JMS Books and my experience there has been really positive, with all the unstableness in the industry and the stress it’s caused in me, I really am not sure where that leaves me. We shall see.            

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last 2016

This is  my last post for 2016. Who knows what can be expected for 2017.

I wish you a happy and joyous holiday. Happy New Year

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Gift of Casey is Released

The Gift of Casey is now available! It's also on sale at JMS Books for $2.39, 20% off and now at JMS Books you earn reward points good toward future purchases. I hope to have several releases at JMS Books in 2017 so get your reward points now!

If you prefer, it is also available at Amazon.

I hope you enjoy my little story of holiday love between Casey and George.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Available for Pre-Order, my holiday short, The Gift of Casey

The Gift of Casey is available for pre-order now: The Gift of Casey  
Get yours while it's discounted!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cover for The Gift of Casey coming December 10, 2016

Here is my fabulous cover for my upcoming Christmas short story, The Gift of Casey, coming December 10, 2016.

How great is that?

And here's the blurb:

Casey Mackenzie unexpectedly finds himself in need of a “boyfriend” for his Thanksgiving dinner. For several months, Casey has been putting off family questions and invites with talk of his boyfriend “George”. Only now they actually expect to meet George at the holiday dinner.

George Accardo is Casey’s sexy neighbor who also happens to be an actor Casey once had a rather drunken rendezvous with. Casey has avoided George ever since. Until now.

Casey offers George fifty bucks to pretend to be his boyfriend for the duration of the Thanksgiving dinner. George has been intrigued by Casey since their first meeting but gave him space when Casey freaked. He accepts the job though Casey assures him intends for them to “break up” before Christmas.

Casey finds himself still charmed by George as Christmas approaches.

Maybe this Christmas, love will be real and George’s gift will be Casey.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

California Dreaming - New Release from Loose ID

California Dreaming is now available to buy.
From ARe
From AMZ

Please note, though on their own website, Loose Id says Flings are under 20,000 words, they have decided to designate this story as a "fling" for pricing purposes. However, again based on current information on their site, at 24,000 words, it should be a novella. Ah, well, I just write 'em!  

Below is the blurb from Loose Id.

You can never go home again. But Michael “Mick” Lawler is doing just that after an absence of ten years. Mick left California when his first love, Joe, chose his twin sister, Raine, over him. Joe and Raine married and a broken-hearted. Mick left behind everything he’d ever known.

Settling first in Chicago, Mick met his sexy as sin fellow lawyer, Zach Covington. When Zach left Chicago for sunny Florida, Mick went with his best friend. Life is great. He has a good job, a nice apartment, and Zach close by. Sure, Mick is in love with seemingly unobtainable player, Zach, but just having Zach in his life is enough. Or so Mick thinks.

When Raine calls one night to tell him Joe is dead, she begs her brother to come back to California. Mick agrees to return but he’s not going alone. Zach insists on going. Once there, Mick has to deal with his grieving twin, his estranged parents, and his newfound, sudden sexual relationship with Zach. But Raine and his parents have a request of Mick…move back to California permanently. Sounds great. But there’s Zach. Can he really leave the man who holds his heart behind for some California Dreaming? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Covers to Love Part 2

As promised here is my fabulous cover for California Dreaming. I am so excited for this release and I just adore this cover.

This fabulous cover was done by Natasha Snow, who also did Car Wash's cover.

Covers to Love Part 1

Sometimes covers come along that I just love. Two of my recent covers are those covers. I've seen the cover for California Dreaming and I love it. As soon as I have the final version I will post it.

But in the mean time I got the cover for my upcoming re-release of Can't Be His and I just adore it. It's what the cover should have been the first time. It fits the story so well. I had to post it here.