Friday, March 26, 2010

Kevin's Interlude

Some work days were just harder than others and this particular day had been one of the more difficult ones in recent memory. Nothing went right and the high profile divorce case he’d been working on kept getting uglier by the hour.

By the time Michael parked the Maserati in the garage, though, his mood improved immensely. The door between the house and the garage opened with a bang and Kevin came running in to greet him.

“It’s about time!” Kevin exclaimed as Michael exited the car. His husband launched himself so hard at Michael he nearly knocked him off his feet. His dark, cherry-streaked hair was wild and mussed, but his eyeliner and lip gloss were done with an expert hand.

Michael laughed and closed his arms around Kevin, who was now planting kisses all over his face. “Happy to see me?”

“Duh.” Kevin practically crawled up his body. His arms wrapped around Michael’s neck as he pulled him down into a deep kiss.

“Mmm. Strawberry,” Michael murmured. His cock hardened, pressing against his briefs. He wondered if there’d be time for a quickie before dinner.

“Come on.” Kevin grabbed his hand and led him through the door and into the house. He took Michael’s briefcase out of his hand and left it just inside the door. “No way are you doing anything with that other than taking it right back to work with you in the morning.”


“I’m serious. No work.” He linked their fingers and led Michael through the dining room and into the kitchen. Kevin gestured with a tip of his head toward the island. Michael noticed a small tube of lube sitting there. “Remember our first time?”

Michael grinned and reached up to loosen his tie. “I’m not likely to forget it. Every single time I’ve had you is forever etched into my brain.”

Kevin’s fingers closed over the tie and pulled him close. “Well, get ready to remember this time then too.”

His pulse racing, his lips covered Kevin’s, his tongue pushing against the seam of his husband’s lips. His hands slide down Kevin’s body to cup his firm, rounded ass. Lifting him slightly, Michael set him on the edge of the island. When his tongue met Kevin’s he tasted a mixture of vanilla ice cream and iced tea.

Without breaking the kiss, Kevin seized the hem of his blue and green striped t-shirt and pushed it up to under his arms, exposing his creamy white flesh to Michael’s eager hands. Damn, the man was hot. He spread his fingers across Kevin’s abs, kneading his way up to the peach colored nipples. Kevin shook beneath him and pressed closer.

Unfortunately to get the shirt off completely he’d have to stop devouring Kevin’s lips. He broke the kiss and yanked the offending garment over Kevin’s head and tossing who knew where. His mouth covered Kevin’s once more, crushing, almost brutal. Kevin whimpered and sucked Michael’s tongue in deep, sucking to the point it hurt. He knew Kevin liked it that way, but his gentle squeeze to one of his lover’s cheeks made Kevin ease up.

Kevin tugged off Michael’s tie and then went to work on the buttons of his dress shirt. He pushed Kevin down on the island to take matter into his own hands and quickly discarded his shirt before turning to yank off Kevin’s Vans.

“Hurry,” Kevin pleaded, lifting up slightly to push his jeans down his hips. He was so slim he didn’t even need to undo them.

Like he needed to be told to hurry. But the begging nearly brought him to his knees. A desperate Kevin was the sexiest thing ever. He pulled off his lovers jeans and briefs in seconds flat, leaving his gaze to eat up the sight of a naked and very aroused Kevin.

Kevin’s hand closed over his hard cock, stroking it, his gaze on Michael. His finger dipping down to tease his hole.

Michael unfastened his trousers and dropped them to his feet, not bothering to fully step out of them. He watched as Kevin picked up the lube and sloshed a generous amount over his fingers. Once more his fingers slid down to his entrance, a single slicked digit pushing in.

His mouth dry, he pushed his boxers down to his knees and gripped his erection, rubbing the pre-cum in even as he watched his husband prepare himself. Michael’s whole body shivered with desire and anticipation.

When Kevin slipped a second finger inside, Michael couldn’t wait any longer. He took a step closer to the island and scooped up the lube, generously slicking his cock.

“Ready, hon?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kevin assured him.

Michael gripped Kevin’s ass and yanked him to the edge of the island and pushed in slowly, deeply past the ring of muscle and all the way in, balls deep. He didn’t immediately move, but stay still, absorbing the sheer pleasure of being inside Kevin.


“Michael.” The soft, pleading moan was his undoing. His hands spread over his husband’s thighs and he began to pump slow and deep, penetrating thoroughly with each careful thrust.

Kevin stroked his cock with one hand while the other rolled his balls between his thumb and forefinger. His eyes were closed, his face flushed pink, and his breathing labored.

It was always this intense with them. Michael supposed it always would be. It might be hopelessly romantic and sentimental but loving Kevin as much as he did really did make the sex the most fantastic he’d ever had.

Michael joined his hand with Kevin’s and worked his lover’s erection. Kevin’s eyed popped open wide, the pupils dilated. Cum squirted onto Kevin’s stomach as he gasped out his release.

“Love you,” Michael groaned, thrusting hard and fast through his own orgasm, spilling inside his lover.

A short time later, he eased out and helped Kevin to sit up, pulling him into his arms and against him, holding close. “You’re so amazing.”

Kevin laughed. “Yeah.”

Michael grinned. “Terribly modest too.” He glanced around the uncluttered, spotless kitchen. Well, other than the island, of course. “What’s for dinner? I’m starved.”

“Mmm. I thought we’d go to that Italian place where we had our first date.”


“Yep.” Kevin hopped down. “So get dressed, babe.”

“Wait. Is this some kind of anniversary? Because if it is, I’m sorry I forgot. I swear I’ll make it up to you,” Michael promised. He bent down to pull up his pants.

Kevin laughed. “Chill, Michael. No anniversary. I just think it would be cool.” He batted his eyelashes. “Please.”

“Like I’d ever say no to you about anything. Just let me take a few minutes to clean up.”

They took Kevin’s little sedan to Antonio’s rather than the Maserati, but Michael still drove. He handed the keys to the valet and followed Kevin inside.

The maĆ®tre d' greeted them instantly. “Ah, wonderful to see you. Your table is ready.”

“Our table—”

“This way.” Kevin grabbed his arm and tugged him past the entrance and into the heart of the restaurant.

“Surprise!” A large group of people yelled as soon as they walked in.

Michael spotted his parents, Noah, Charlie, his brother and his new wife, several of the people from his firm, other friends, and even Gabby and her sons from the car wash.

Stunned and more than a little overwhelmed he turned to Kevin. “What the hell?’’

“It’s your surprise birthday party.”

Michael felt himself grin. “But my birthday is next week.”

“I know.” Kevin threw his arms around him. “But I wanted you to be surprised.”

“I definitely am. Even my brother? How did you get him down here?”

Kevin shrugged. “I might have threatened to throw a small tantrum.”

Michael kissed him. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Happy birthday. Now go and enjoy your party.”


  1. Awwwww,,,,adorable as ever. Thank you very much for listening to Kevin and sharing it with us. Was nice to share Michael's birthday with them.

    Have a great weekend, Shawn.


  2. Loved it! :) I just adore Kevin, and it's great seeing just how happy he makes Michael.

  3. I do so love Kevin...

    You have made my Saturday morning..

    Thanks hon...


  4. Oh, that was wonderful. Thanks!!

  5. Kevin Rules!
    Very Cool, Shawn! I'm going to have to read Car Wash again. Seeing him and Michael again makes me want to read their story all over!

  6. Thanks for the freebie! It was good seeing an update of two of my favorite characters.

  7. That was terrific!
    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Kevin is my favorite hero and anytime you write more about him I love him even more.
    Thanks for everything, Shawn

    Now I'll go to work with visions of Kevin in my head! LOL
    Thank you for giving us more of him.

  9. Thanks everyone. Kevin is no hardship for me to write, believe me. I'm glad you enjoy visiting him as much as I do. :D

  10. Wow! Thanks for writing more about cutie pie Kevin! I don't think we'll ever get enough of him:)

    Have a great day:)

  11. What a great scene S. Thank you! So glad I snuck down to use wi-fi tonight after tucking my mellowly exhausted threesome into bed. :) You have sooo many blog posts I've missed! But had to say thanks for the Kevin-midnight-snack. Yum!