Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tried for Progress and Failed

I actually opened the file for Twice in a Lifetime last night all prepared to write the next part. Proud of myself even. Unfortunately the version I had at home was not the latest version, that version was at work. Sigh.

I shall try again today.

I've been talking with some fellow authors (Devon and Ava) about turning Sutter's Bay into a series. Sutter's Bay is where Sweet Reunion takes place and also Twice in a Lifetime. I already have an idea for a third story involving the diner owner, Adam, who appears in Twice in a Lifetime. I briefly mentioned his hero-to-be character in Sweet Reunion for those that read that book or plan to. Anyway the hero for Adam would be Harris who broke up with Danny from Sweet Reunion. Trust me, Harris will have his work cut out for him convincing Adam to be with him.

Anyway, that would already make for three books set in my fictional bay town in Northern California. So why not more? I'll have to give it some thought. I've had readers ask me to consider doing a series before so it is an option.


  1. Well, at least you were motivated enough to try. That's a step out of the funk. lol

  2. Hey Shawn! Well, I actually happen to like series stories. You become acquainted with the atmosphere and sometimes you'll see a few characters again.

  3. Don't you still have a book to choose, Barbara? Hmmm?

  4. Sorry, Shawn. You know, what? I'll let Ava decide ;) She'll know what I would like to read, and besides, she's read all your books.

    So, what'll it be, Ava???

  5. Have you bought Another Chance? That's the Regency. If you haven't, I'd personally recommend that.

  6. I'm ticked pink that you're thinking about turning the lives of these interesting men into a series. I think they'd be very addictive to read about and It's really a fabulous idea.
    Now all you have to do is write it...LOL!

  7. Oooh - I get to pick for you, Barbara! Cool! Thanks! :)

    Like Shawn said, definitely Another Chance, if you haven't read that one yet. If you already have AC, then you might like Trust - it's got some lovely angst :)

  8. Hope that once you got the other copy, you were able to approach your ms again!

    Sorry for the belated weigh-in on this...You know my take on the series thing. I love series in general, and I think that Sutter's Bay is a great, great, great place for a continuing series. And if you already have two more stories in mind, why not take that extra step and continue to add a few more interesting potential heroes? It does seem a waste to come up with such a great setting and only use it a couple times. :)

    My vote is a resounding yes on the Sutter's Bay series. Sounds like other fans agree.

  9. I hate Harris already - so I can see YOUR work cut for you trying to convince us that he is worth Adam's time..

    I like the sound of Shutter bay - I hope you develop the area more in the other books...

    Congrats on the plan so far..