Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ah...the Heartache

Recently, several people have mentioned my latest release, Sweet Reunion, is me returning to the angst-loving voice. I admit I did have a few lighter romances recently, most notably Car Wash and Beyond the Norm, but others were probably not up to the angst found in Perfect Man or Trust or even At Long Last.

When I set out to write Sweet Reunion, I didn't really think, wow I haven't written anything pain-filled lately. Honest! It's just that as I started writing Jason Sweet the character went that way for me.

It's true I do like angst. I think that is why Ava March and I work so well together. We both like the angst. Though, you know, once I suggested only half-kidding that we should co-author a book together and she didn't even respond, lol! Don't know what that says.

I have to admit though, that my next few books are probably going to be on the more heart-breaking side. I don't mean my next two releases, Ticket to Ride (you'll have to decide if this is angst-filled or not) and The Best Gift (it's a Christmas story remember), but rather the next several projects.

So, um, yeah, I will say now, that if angsty romances are not your thing, you might want to stay away from those set in Sutter's Bay for sure. So, as my dear friend, Jack, said the "angsty Shawn is back".


  1. No complaints out of me or your Shayster. We love our Angsty Shawn.

  2. Angst does it for me too, as long as there's the potential for it all to be worthwhile! And while you may torture them along the way, you always set them up for a sweet close.

  3. I have to admit though, that my next few books are probably going to be on the more heart-breaking side.

    My first reaction was to say: Noooooooo!! But then I thought, heart-breaking can be fulfilling in its own way, you know. So, can't say I'm excited, but, yeah.* :)

    *As long as it ends happily or at least positively. :D

  4. Not to worry, F, as a romance writer, it must have a happy ending at some point. I've been cheated as a reader years ago where the hero was hanged for a crime he did not commit. I still remember that damn book!

  5. Sex and know I love it!! But sometimes I get in the mood for something a bit lighter. Hence why I love being your CP - in addition to the fact that you're awesome, you satisfy all my fixes. LOL.

    Oh, and it says that I'm an oblivious idiot. lol. Sometimes, I swear, you can hear the swoosh as stuff flies right over my head.

  6. aha! you should all be worried now. Ava and I are giving serious consideration to a co-authored book next year. stayed tuned.

  7. Hey Shawn...

    Welcome back with the angst and the topical plots...

    I admit I had gotten into a groove with your more lighter books -so Sweet Reunion was a surprise, not unwelcome but surprising none the less...

    It just teaches us not to take you for granted...

    On another note - I have the review up for Sweet Reunion, I can't get into my email today for some reason.. so hence the notification here...

    Congrats on the release and I really hope you revisit Jason and Daniel in your upcoming serial, they are something special...


  8. No worries, EH. Not everyone is as fond of angst as I am. I figured nothing can be as angsty as Perfect Man with a hero suffering from PTSD but I suppose it depends on where you come from as a reader and your own life experiences.

    Yeah a mother dying of cancer and a family who were abusive is kind of a heavy subject matter, isn't it?