Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maybe I Should Quit...Or Not

Yesterday, I told my bff, Shayne, that I was giving up writing and he had a minor panic attack. Of course, I was kidding. Sort of.

I admit some days I do want to give up. Several times over the years I have fought with myself over this. Before I became published I once quit writing for many months. But that was before I became published. Now that I am, I don't think I will actually give it up, but sometimes the urge still enters my brain.

Oddly enough after I told Shayne that, this morning I did plot out a scene in my head for the current work in progress. I don't know, maybe I just needed to give voice to the doubts.

I also have a very, very teensy tiny (practically a fleck of dust, really) thought of doing another heterosexual interracial. Honestly, I haven't a clue when I would fit it in. I have so many stories already in line to be written. But, um, there you have it.

I am a little down at the moment which is likely accounting for my lack of creativity. The evil day job stresses continue and very recently there has been talk of down-sizing which just adds to the stress, doesn't it? And it certainly didn't help my mood that my beloved San Diego Chargers lost this week. Today is the official first day of Autumn and it is supposed to be over 100 here today. Anyway, these are my random thoughts for now.

I hope to get back into the writing soon and hopefully come out with an improved mood as well. I hope the rest of everyones week goes well.


  1. Well no wonder why you're in a mood - the Chargers lost :( Here's hoping you get out of your funk soon. From a purely selfish perspective, I want to see what happens in Jude's book. ;)

    Don't remind me that summer is over. I already miss it!!

  2. Yes believe me the Chargers losing was a major downer, lol.

  3. Well, I just read your book Perfect Man...and I LOVED IT!! And I don't know anything about football, even though my husband and son watch it constantly, but sorry to hear about the loss. Oh, I hope it is football that the Chargers play. I have been known to get the team names and the sports all mixed up and cause a lot of male eye rolling and "Geez Mom, they play baseball" from the hubby and kids!

  4. Thank you, Amy, I am so glad to hear you enjoyed Perfect Man.

    And yes, the Chargers are football. I'm getting over it. Now if they lose again this weekend...shudder, lol!

  5. Aw, I hope you are feeling better now. I was wondering what the other post was about.

  6. Minor panic attack is an understatement!
    You'll get there. We are have times where we aren't as inspired as we should be. A mini-break is always a good thing. It'll help you recharge those creative juices in that beautiful brain of yours.
    Before you know it, you'll be writing again. You wait and see.
    Hang in there Angel, the best is yet to come!