Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Update

I've submitted, Unobtainable, to Amber Quill, with a week to spare as it was due June 01. Once it has a firm release date, I will update the site.

Here is the blurb (tentative) for anyone who might be interested:

Scott O'Hara and Edgar Lopez have been partners in the homicide unit of Haydon Cliff’s Police Department for the last couple of years. Edgar is openly gay and a bit of a player. Though Scott is also gay he keeps it to himself. Even from Edgar. Until one night, a slightly drunk Scott initiates sex between them. Scott doesn't expect the sex to be repeated. He doesn't do one-night stands or fuck-buddies. But Edgar has other ideas and Scott can’t seem to resist his sexy partner.

While they try to solve the mystery of who is murdering Haydon Cliff’s homeless, they also try to solve the mystery of whether Edgar’s heart can really be obtainable.  

Next up I have one more Pax story due by September 01, and this one is supposed to be involved in "Stayed Connected"(dating sites, email, chat rooms, etc) My idea is just taking shape now but the tentative title is Making a Wish. This is subject to change.

What comes after that? I don't know. Maybe an extended writing break for me. We shall see..

In the meantime, Just His is available from Amber Quill and All Romance eBooks. To my knowledge it has yet to make it to Amazon.

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  1. I like the blurb and I can't wait to read it... I have a weakness for cops! :)

    Looking forward to hear more about this 'stayed connected' idea.