Monday, July 6, 2015

The Latest

Making a Wish, my next work in progress story for Amber Quill is taking shape. This story is part of another PAX, this one called Getting Connected.

Basically my main hero is Marty Brooks, an astronomy professor with a thing for Sci-Fi, particularly a fictional set of Sci-Fi moves that has an annual convention. Marty will be attending this convention where it turns out one of the main stars of the movies is his old pen pal from when Marty was boy. Marty and his pen pal will hook up at the convention and then agree to stay connected afterward. Things could get complicated as the star is a big one and is not exactly open about his sexuality.
We shall see where it takes me. The story is due September first and once it has been submitted I will have a better idea of a release date.

In the meantime, Unobtainable, my Cops Pax story has a release date of August 09, 2015. That will be here before you know it.   

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  1. It sure will be here before we know it! What about the cover?

    I like the idea of your new book.