Saturday, May 23, 2015

Website Update

I've gotten rid of my website. It may be a temporary thing, I don't know. They wanted to charge me $120 to renew it or something like that and considering I'm not even sure anyone goes there but me this seemed a bit ridiculous to me to say the least. They offered me a free 5 page website builder site that I am playing around with to see if I can get something up but it is so user unfriendly as to be laughable, really. This is Go Daddy, by the way. So for now, I am going to be sticking with adding release information and updates here until I can figure this out. If I ever do.


  1. That explains why a blank page appeared when I logged in earlier!
    Can't believe you had to pay to renew it! *wide eyes*
    Good luck with Go Daddy!

  2. oh man... that sucks!
    Haha, well, not that i'm savvy at web design but the tab feature in blogger is really awesome, especially for your books/series organization. lol...