Friday, September 9, 2011

What's Up

I'm working on my first vampire story, Eternally His, and it's going slowly. Fine, but slow. I guess I'm in a little bit of a writing funk, honestly. But if he doesn't inspire me what does?


  1. Kind of looks like Ian Somerhalder, and I've always found him to be pretty inspirational. ;)

    Welcome to the dark (vamp author) side! No cookies, but how about a nice warm drink? :)

  2. Time to step away from the computer and go for a long walk with a pen and notebook in your pocket?

  3. He looks like Ian, honey, cause he is, lol.

    Yeah something needs to be done. I am goofing off way too much and I just don't seem to care.

  4. Maybe try making yourself not write for a week. Don't even open the ms. If a week's too long, try a few days. But it needs to be a length of time. Not letting youself write might make you want to write. :)

    I love what you've written so far on EH, so you have to finish it.

  5. LMAO. DUH!! *snicker* You see, that just shows you how much time I have to spend on looking at hot men. I don't even recognize them anymore!!

    I agree with Chris and Ava. An alternative is to skip a couple of scenes ahead. Or pull out another wip for a few days?