Sunday, September 4, 2011

Candy and Plans

Can't Be His was released yesterday. This is my last really short story, an Amber Kiss, (other than a free Christmas story coming on ARe later). Devotedly His is considered an "Extended Amber Kiss" and the two More Than books are novellas.

I'm currently sort of working on Eternally His, the next His story which is also a vampire story. I'm not really working hard on it though. Once that is done I will probably be working full steam on Leo's story as the 4th Sutter's Bay story(no title yet) and may work on Tempted to Taste, which might or might not be Sutter's Bay 5 or could be a standalone  unrelated to anything else story.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and here is some candy to get you through the rest of it.


  1. I read Can't be His last night. I loved it! Have a great holiday weekend:)