Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday Musings

I've decided to do my own personal musings this week. For those bored with me, you can check next Wednesday's musings for my usual musings post.

I can hardly believe yesterday was the end of November. I've always liked November. Perhaps it is the whole huge feast toward the end of the month. Maybe it is because it is the longest official holiday time off in the U.S.

But now it is December. December is a mixed month from me. I love Christmas, of course and it's always nice to look forward to whatever a new year will bring.
December is also the month when my dad's birthday was and since he's been gone many years now I can't help but feel the loss even now years later. Growing up I knew Dad's birthday was two weeks from Christmas. It was a special day because I was such a Daddy's girl. Also December was the month of PD's mom's birthday and she passed away just this year, so this will be the first December without her birthday celebration.

Still the holidays make it a wonderful month and I am reminded at this time that life is precious and we should enjoy each holiday season with our hearts full of joy and kindness.

And December has me looking back over the year and thinking about what I have accomplished, what I have yet to accomplish, who I have lost, who is still with me, what I have to be thankful for, and what I can hope for next year when everything is new again.

So Happy December and Happy Holidays


  1. Hugs, I remember your loss this year, and thinking of you this first holiday without.

    I have the same emotional hit this time of year as well, being another girl missing her Daddy whose dad's birthday falls a couple weeks before Christmas (13th in my case).

    Glad to have your personal musings hon. It is a hopeful time of year. Peace and joy...

  2. Mine was December 12th, so very close to each other.

    I know you share that sense of loss, Dev.

    Thanks for the hugs and back at you.

  3. My December memories are fortunately loss-free. *knocks on wood*

    It IS a month of birthdays - both my stepmom and my brother.

  4. Hmmm, what month was very popular for conception? March?

  5. I'm a November birthday - February. Winter months. Northern climates. Makes sense to me...

  6. Happy holidays to you, too!


    I'm a December baby. I share the month with my mom and grandfather. Both my dad and sister were born in august.