Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Updates

My Monday updates is a little later than usual because I don't have much to update.

I'm back to the EDJ after five blissful days off.

I'm still waiting anxiously for my cover for Pulling Apart. All the other covers around that time have been completed so I am stalking my inbox hoping to see it arrive. lol.

As far as writing is concerned, I'm working on free stories for December right now. Once I have those out of the way I'll likely work on either Accidentally His or Galaxy's Heart (Sutter's bay 3). When those are out of the way I suspect I will finally turn my attention to my cop partner story as it's nagging me the most these days, but probably won't get a chance until well into 2011 to sink my teeth in there.

Yesterday, my fabulous critique partner, Ava March, had her first release from Amber Allure. As I believe I have mentioned on the blog over time, Ava and I have been working together for several years, back since our days in a critique group through an online writing chapter. Ava is the only one who gets to see my stories ahead of time and I am the only one who gets to see hers ahead of time. It works for both of us quite well.

So, I can say without a doubt, Beyond Reckless, is a great short story. Do yourself a favor if you haven't done it already, hop on over to Amber Allure's site and get Beyond Reckless for $1.95!

Have a good week.  


  1. I hope the stalking pays off soon! And thanks :) You're fab, too (hugs)

  2. It was a really good read, indeed!!

    And it was hard to go back to work today...