Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday Updates

So, this is December now so I am scheduling when you can expect my free stories. Or at least some of them. lol.
I will post the first installment of Last Christmas on Monday, December 6, 2010. At this point I am still working on the story so I am not sure how many installments it will be. I'll probably be posting the story on Mondays and Thursdays so be sure to stop in for those days. This is a brand new couple I have never written before so you won't have to read anything prior to them to read this story. The names are A.J. Porter and Carter Thorne.

I'm planning on posting Kevin's little Christmas story the week of December 20, 2010 so you Kevin groupies can look forward to that.

I was reviewing my releases for 2010 and I managed 10 releases for the year (including The Naughty Ones, releasing on December 12, 2010). Should be interesting to see how many I can manage for 2011. I've already managed to schedule two, one in January and one in February. This is ahead of 2010 since my first release wasn't until March (and yes this did make me breakout in hives).

Oh and the release date for Pulling Apart has moved up two weeks to January 09, 2011.

Also, Chris @ Stumbling Over Chaos will be hosting a contest for me for The Naughty Ones, beginning on December 06th, I believe.

Anyway, I am also on the lookout for pictures of hot guys that look Christmasy or Holidayish. So, if anyone knows of some or has seen some, drop me an email at

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  1. Yes, that's the date the contest kicks off! Thanks for mentioning it!

    Is it spring yet? *shivering*