Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday Updates

So, as I changed my calendar earlier this week to November, I happened to notice that only three weeks from today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. This is the one holiday that is actually done at my house (starting about 4 years ago), so it's rather startling to see how quickly it will be upon us.

It also means I really need to crack down and get that story I'm working on done so I can quickly get back to The Impersonator. I need to meet my deadline. What seemed like plenty of time for everything now doesn't seem like much time at all.

I wish I could write as fast as I once did. Alas, those days are mostly gone.


  1. It is pretty amazing how fast the end of the year is approaching. All proof aside, I've always believed the sand runs faster when it gets to the end.

    I was revamping my to-do list and noticed the number of weeks left in the year had gotten into the single digits. :O

  2. Single digits left before the end of the year? Seriously? :-O Damn! It should still be early Sept.