Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Other Personal Musing

Tuesday ended up being a pretty good day for me.

I was #1 for October at AQ
I won a $25 Gift Card to a favorite store at work'
I received a very lovely royalty check from AQ
And Meg Whitman appears to have lost despite trying to buy the job of governor with her vast fortune.

Ah, yes, good.  


  1. I had two of the same as you (obviously not #1, lol). Pretty cool!

    Congrats on the #1 and glad you had such a nice day. You deserve it!!! (hugs)

  2. Thanks, D

    Since I know you don't have an EDJ I know you couldn't have won a $25 GC from work so you must be happy Meg W lost too, lol.

  3. A good day indeed! :) I'm at SFO, preparing to return to chilly MN...

  4. All round a lot of good things...

    Good for you..