Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

So as you may or may not know, I do a lot of my writing at lunch at the evil day job. The other day I sat down to write on the current chapter of the work in progress, The Impersonator, when I realized I didn't have the most updated version at work that day.

Pushing aside my irritation at myself, I decided not to waste the time and I began writing the third Sutter's Bay story, Galaxy's Heart. So, I think, at the moment anyway, that Galaxy's Heart. will be the next story out in 2011 other than The Impersonator.

Already I've found another character who seems to be wanting his own Sutter's Bay story so I think that gives me four or five stories in the series.

In other news, Manfred's Curse is my next release in just over three weeks. My first foray into shapeshifting, but perhaps not my last. Manfred's Curse is very short though, just about 6,000 words, which makes it my shortest story I believe. In other words don't expect too many details...sordid or otherwise...but I hope you will enjoy the little fun story I wrote.

It's hard to believe October is almost half over already and soon November will be upon us. November is one of my favorite months, it's representative of Fall for me. And as we know, before we know it, November will be but a memory and December and all that comes with that month will be here. I am going to be so very, very busy this December. I have a number of holiday-themed events already planned, so I don't know how much writing will get done. I hope some. EH has managed to talk me into writing a free story for December, of course. She's quite persuasive.
Anyway, I've babbled on enough for today. Have a good day.


  1. Black kitty story!!



    So I turned an author friend of mine on to dropbox for saving her WIPs to - she can access them from anywhere she has wifi, and also has them safe in case of catastrophic computer failure. Plus she has to do less shuffling of files between computers and thumb drives. You get 2 gb free to start, and more for referring people. So, if it interests you, get Jason or I to send you a referral.

  2. Not entirely sure that would work for me, at least not at work, since my company blocks a lot of stuff, but it might be interesting. hmmm...

  3. WTG on starting the new story! I'm not sure I wouldn't have just said, "Ah well, no writing for me today. Hmmm, wonder what people are posting in the blogosphere...?"

    You've always been able to pack a lot of oomph into your stories, so I'm sure MC will be an awesome short!

    Word Veri is, ironically, "regicat", which sounds like someone killed the queen/king kitty!!