Thursday, June 10, 2010

Much Ado

I'm not sure what I have to say today.

His One and Only comes out in just over a week. I'm starting the contest to win a copy on Monday. I've also volunteered a copy for Stumbling Over Chaos which I'll let you know the details for that if you don't win the one from my site.

It's hard to believe, but also a little bit of a relief, really, but this is the last book of the Only Forever series. The paperback collection should be out in July and yes, I'll be offering a contest for a copy of the paperback collection if anyone is interested.

My angsty Pieces is out in July and then I think I'll probably go a month (August) at least without a release. I'm still waiting on a release date for The Beach House but I know it won't be August.

Twice in a Lifetime isn't going as fast as I would like but I've always wanted a fall release for it anyway. This is part of a new series. I had promised/hinted last year after Sweet Reunion that I would consider turning the town of Sutter's Bay into fodder for several books. Twice in a Lifetime is number two, and I introduce the guys for number three in Twice in a Lifetime, Adam and Galaxy (you read that right). There should be at least a fourth in this series as well. This series won't be as light as the Only Forever series though.


  1. I'm so looking forward to His One and Only coming out. I've been holding back from reading the other books for the series to be complete that way I'll read them one after the other. :)

  2. Probably smart. There's an epilogue at the end of His One and Only wrapping up the series, ;-)

  3. I will get the exact date figured out over the next day or so! Work is hurting my brain this week. :)