Friday, June 11, 2010

His One And Only by Shawn Lane, Excerpt

I'm doing a blog post tomorrow over at Ava's on the story of Most Likely to Succeed, so today I'm going to post an excerpt of the very soon to be released His One and Only.

“Hey, Mark, can you take this call later this afternoon?” Travis Anderson asked, after knocking briefly on Mark’s closed office door the following Wednesday and just opening the door without waiting for an answer.

Mark looked up from his pleadings at the tall blond man. Along with Travis, Mark and Nathan had formed their law firm, Anderson, Llewellyn and Stevens, a few years after they had finished law school. All three men had become friends after meeting in law school and forming a bond over being gay.

There seemed to be an epidemic of romance at the firm lately as both Travis and Nathan had hooked up with guys from the office. An epidemic, frankly, Mark intended to avoid. Fortunately, as far as he could tell, his partners had already discovered the only eligible hot gay bachelors at the firm.

He shook his head. “Sorry, can’t. Ask Nathan or maybe one of the associates.”

Travis’s mouth dropped open. “What?”

He smiled patiently. “I won’t be in the office this afternoon so I can’t take your call.”

“Oh. You have a trial or a hearing?”


“Client meeting?”

“No.” He wouldn’t have believed it, but he was actually enjoying the dumbfounded expression on Travis’s face. They all knew him too well.


“I’m going to be in Newport Beach.”

Travis frowned and sat in the chair directly in front of Mark’s desk. “What’s in Newport Beach? Potential new client?”

“Definitely not. I don’t think Drew could afford us.”

“Drew? Who the hell is Drew?”

Mark grinned. “He is the reason I’ll be in Newport Beach. I’m having coffee with him.”

“Coffee? What for?”

“You’re a brilliant lawyer, counselor, you figure it out.”

Travis continued to frown, but then his eyes widened a little. “Are you saying, like a date?”

“Yes, like a date. Furthermore, this is the second time.”


“Is that so surprising?” Mark scowled. “That someone would want to see me?”

Travis put up his hands. “No, no. I’m not surprised someone would want to see you; I’m just surprised you’d want to see them. Mark, you don’t date. And in the middle of a work day, no less?”

He nodded. “I think Drew is trying to keep it casual. At first anyway.”

“Well, so tell me about this guy.”

Mark glanced at his watch. Saved. “Can’t, if I’m going to make it in time, I have to go now. Besides, it’s a bit premature. If things progress anywhere, and I’m not sure they will, I’ll consider telling you about him.” He stood and grabbed his suit coat off the coat rack in his office.

“Will you be back later?”

“Probably. He only gets a half hour for lunch.”

Mark left Travis in his office staring after him.


  1. Fabulous! Now I'm even more impatient for this book.

  2. As I've said before I'm so looking forward to this one coming out, so I can finally read the series. :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Won't be long now

  4. Nice....

    Drew is not how I imagine him on the cover though.. he really sounds too cute...

  5. You know me and excerpts. :D

  6. That's because he is NOT anything like the cover dude. I mentioned this before. Drew is short with dark hair and cute in a pixie sort of way. Unfortunately this cover does not do him justice.

  7. Drew's adorable! I'm certain everyone will adore him. And Mark's pretty damn hot, too ;)