Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday and Rain

Take a look at the date on the calendar. April 20. It's supposed to rain here tonight. It never rains here this late in the season. I know it does elsewhere but here, no. So, yeah I am skeptical.

I completed the first chapter of my untitled story involving Maurice and Lance from Still the One. They are the waiter and sous-chef Dusty had coffee with. Maurice is balding and Lance is British.

I'm not sure how well this will go with a balding hero. I thought about asking if anyone would read about a bald hero but decided I found Bruce Willis and Ed Harris sexy, so what the hell. We'll see how it goes. But that's basically what I have been working on for the last five days or so. That and goofing off and mourning the desktop.

Of course, Calvin's story doesn't even come out for another month and I am already getting excited for it.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday (Shawn's least favorite day of the week)


  1. Of course, I absolutely cannot remember where I read the blog post lamenting the lack of bald men in m/m and asking about m/m stories in which there were bald heroes.

    *mind remains blank*

  2. Really? That's funny. I had no idea there'd be a clamoring. I suppose people are just looking for some every day guys more than anything.

  3. Bald can be quite sexy, so I don't think Maurice will have anything to worry about :)

  4. Sexy men are sexy men...I'd say that's a very realistic "imperfection" that readers will understand and possibly not even notice (except maybe to cheer that someone 'hairline challenged' is gettin' some). ;)