Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mason, John and the Other Guys

EH’s declaration that my male model hero in The Beach House (Mason Phillips) deserved another hot, unique name had me thinking about the name Mason to begin with.

Back in the 1980s, before my adopted son, Drew, was born, I used to watch many soap operas on television. Among them was a soap called Santa Barbara. Knowing Santa Barbara pretty intimately, I watched the show about it. One of the main characters was named Mason Capwell. Thus my fascination with the name Mason began.

My Mason is a gorgeous male model who is spending the three months of summer in a rented beach house in Morro Bay. This is a sort of intervention on the part of Mason’s agent because she found Mason nearly dead of a drug overdose. Mason has spent some time in rehab, but he’s been in rehab before and it didn’t entirely work. It’s gotten to the point where many fashion photographers won’t even work with Mason anymore so his agent thinks it’s time for him to cool it and get his life together.

My other hero, John Harding, lives full time in Morro Bay and happens to live in the house next door. John is a former firefighter (forced to quit after an injury) turned crime fiction writer.

I wanted John to be a normal guy because I really think, after consultation with a certain bff, this is what Mason needs.

Anyway, this is why Mason isn’t going to get a hero named Blake or Sivon or Ari ( do wonder if EH wants to write her own romances, though).
But that brings me to another soap I watched back in the 80s called, Capitol. There was a character named Trey. Hmm…maybe someday there will be a Trey.

Oh and how about these pictures for Lance and Maurice:

Here they are:

Close anyway. LOL. Maurice is a little older. But the baldy is cute.


  1. Nice! And thanks for the lowdown on Mason, love details like that. :)

  2. Very fitting pic of Lance - he even has a pack of smokes in his pocket. lol Doesn't matter that Maurice is a littler older, he's still just as cute, and you totally found a guy with his eyes :) Very nice!

  3. Lance and Maurice are very sexy! I think your BFF is right. Mason will need someone stable in his life to keep him away from temptation, and see past all the glam and glitter of the celebrity lifestyle. John will be great for him!

  4. More books to look forward to! Shell and Shayne are right. He needs someone to keep him grounded. Who wants to be with someone like themselves? BORING!

    Have a lovely weekend, Shawn


  5. Damn I've got some brillant friends! It's cool you're putting him with a regular guy, Shawn. Makes life interesting if they're different. They'll appreciate each other more to!

    Can the bald guy at least wear eyeliner? He's got the eyes for it..... No? Damn! Lol!

  6. Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend yourselves!

    Yeah I chose that one because of the pack of cigs!

    Mags, not every hero can where eyeliner, lol.

  7. Yeah, definitely sounds like Mason needs a nice stabilizing force in his life. :)

  8. I bow to your Santa Barbara fandom name - that was my dad's favourite soap....

    I have a thing for names - some names just does it for me - John is not one of them... but as someone said - even John deserve a happy ending...

    I think my diary is the limit of my writing career.... all my fantasy guys have hot , delectable names...

    I look forward to Mason and John...

    P.S. John better be worth it...


  9. Oh, this sounds spectacular Shawn! I agree with your BFF. It does sound like Mason needs someone to keep him grounded.

    I remember watching Santa Barbara in the afternoons when I got home from school. I adored A. Martinez's character Cruz Castillo, but I really, really loved Warren Lockridge when he was portrayed by Jack Wagner. HOT!

  10. Remember Santa Barbara makes you old, ladies! LOL

    Yes, sorry, EH, you have been overruled and John it stays. You'll like him. He's a good guy and not twinkish at all. LOL

  11. Hey now! I'll have you know that I was in elementary school when that was on! LOL!

    Of course, it did make me feel ancient the other day when sweet Drew said he had heard of Duran Duran!

    I said something in class yesterday about Kurt Cobain and a kid said, "Who's that?" I was devastated. I guess I need to go shopping for a walker and some depends.