Friday, April 23, 2010

Only For Him Contest Elsewhere

If you still need to get a copy of Only For Him, Chris over at her blog is holding a contest for it. The details can be located at:

In fact, Chris runs frequent contests so it may be worth while to check out her blog every once in a while.

Thanks to Chris for help in figuring out the link!


  1. Thanks for the mention (and for donating the book), Shawn!

    Let's see how well I remember Blogger. If you highlight the text you want linked, there should be button in your editing button bar with a little planet (presumably for the worldwide web?) or a link of chain - something like that. Click that button and a window should pop up for you to past the web address into.

    *crosses fingers that works*

  2. Well that SHOULD work, but oddly enough it says the link is invalid when I click on it. Grrr