Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Updates

Okay, so, I'm a believer that as a writer, you should write the character that's calling to you at that time.

And right now that character is Mason. Mason is my model hero from my upcoming Hot Summer Daze story for AQP, The Beach House. I'm working on the first chapter now and already I am in love with my tortured Mason.

I did get a chapter written, as I said earlier this week, on Maurice and Lance's story.

And no, I haven't forgotten Jude. He'll be done before the summer is over, I am promising that right now. Quote me from this post later if I break my promise.

Anyway, still waiting for covers for His Only and Only and Pieces.

Not sure what I will talk about tomorrow, but Saturday, I will post an excerpt from Only His Heart, Calvin's story, coming in May.


  1. You better believe I'll be bugging you this summer, if you haven't yet turned your attention back to Jude and Sexy Rex ;)

  2. I'm liking you posting every day. It's making me check my fave blogs more often. :) Thanks babe!

    And yes, Jude will have a big, loud group to remind you to get on it!

    Mmm, Mason sounds delightfully angsty, Oh Queen of Angst.

  3. Well I don't know how interesting I am to post every day but I have been trying, anyway, lol

  4. How do you keep them all straight - every time I come over another man is taking up your time...

    ohhhhh - so little time..

    Looking forward to what you do with Mason.. (love the name by the way)


  5. Yep, another man. You'd think I was a slut, huh! LOL.

    Mason has been fun to write so far. But his hero gets the totally normal name of John. :D

  6. No - not John..

    He needs a man with an exciting name - Blake, Ari, Sivon, Maxwell....

    A name with a name he can sigh over - John - Blaaaaa



  7. I agree with Devon. I enjoy all your posts.

    John is a nice, straight-laced name. I have an image of two totally hot men running toward each other on the beach as they alternately call out "John ..." "Mason..." etc.

  8. I've been wondering if you are going to write Jude's story. I'm ready to read it:)

    John is a great name! Okay it's not glamourous by any means, but it's a strong masculine name.

    Great post, Shawn:)

  9. Yeah that's kind of the point of John. He's just a nice normal guy, which is what Mason needs