Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alas a New Week Begins

Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed Only in His Dreams. I hope those who still have it in their to be read lists will enjoy it when they get to it.

Here's a picture for you.

Now that I am in wait mode to learn the fate of Pieces, I am going back to the fourth book in the Only Forever series, His One and Only.

Hope everyone has a decent week. It's my last week at 44.


  1. Congrats on the new release. I'm looking forward to reading it. Good luck with the new book.

    Loved the picture!

  2. I loved it! I can't wait until Barnaby's story, it's going to be great:)

    Beautiful Eye Candy too!

    When's your birthday? Do you have special plans for it?

    Have a great week:)

  3. Thanks, Andi.

    I really had to fight to Barnaby over trying to steal the spotlight in the first book. He wanted to!

    March 22nd is the big day, lol

  4. The book was really good, Shawn. I can understand how Barnaby could easily steal the spotlight away from Travis and Darrel.
    Every time I saw him in my mind I kept seeing Ashtyn's pretty face. Needless to say I'm looking forward to his story. *wink*

  5. Thanks, Josh. I think Barnaby is going to end up being quite popular!

  6. Can you say H-O-T?
    Ashtyn is wickedly cool and pretty. My heart won't stand a chance with your Barnaby character if he's like Ashtyn!
    I'm about to start your newest book today. I'm sure I'll love it just like the rest.
    Stay cool and have a good one.