Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday

Continuing on these very cool pictures. I love the expression for this one too.

Ava, what do you think? Couldn't he be Raphael in From Afar?

Everything's okay. Still on track to finish Still the One this weekend and I already know it will be released April 11, 2010.

Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead of them and look for an excerpt of Ava March's From Afar. It's one she has chosen just for my excerpt day so you won't see it anywhere else


  1. Loving everything, the pic, the on-track news, and the coming excerpt. You're my first blog update today, and maybe I should stop while I'm ahead! :)

  2. He could so be Raphael! He even has the right Georgian-era clothes for him, and that beautiful kissable mouth. ;)

  3. Lovely! That is one delectable mouth.

  4. That really what I love about him, Eyre. Oh, don't get me wrong, he's stunningly beautiful besides but that mouth...I just want it, lol