Saturday, February 20, 2010

Excerpt - From Afar by Ava March

Coming February 23, 1010 from Samhain Publishing.

Leather creaked as Aleric shifted on the bench again. His knee bumped Raphael’s. Aleric’s quick intake of breath was clearly audible even above the sounds of the horses’ hooves pounding against the street as the driver took them swiftly to Mayfair. Another bump against Raphael’s knee, and Aleric pressed his calf against his. The slow rub of soft wool against his stocking-covered shin spoke louder than words that Aleric wanted his attention.

Desire flared under his skin. He could not have tamped it down if he had tried. Even the knowledge that Aleric only wanted him because he was there, to serve as a convenient vessel to sate his lust, could not dim the need building swiftly within him.

He looked to Aleric. The man’s silver-blue eyes were glazed with passion, his lips parted, exposing the sharp tips of his fangs, as he stroked his erection through his trousers.

Reaching up, Raphael closed the thin shade on the window in the door, blocking out most of the moon’s light, but not all of it. The silvery light seeping around the edges was just enough to cloak the interior in shadow, but not full darkness.

The soft swoosh of Aleric’s palm sliding over his trousers ceased. Both of them sat still, not moving a muscle. Raphael let the anticipation build until he could feel the waves of need rolling off Aleric, lapping against his skin, fueling his own.

Would it ever be like this with another?


A beckoning flick of his head, and Aleric shot off the bench. The carriage shook as he landed on Raphael, knees straddling his hips and arms braced on either side of his shoulders. Aleric slanted his mouth over Raphael’s, his fangs smacking against Raphael’s teeth. Before Raphael could even begin to savor the harsh kiss, Aleric dropped his head to nuzzle Raphael’s neck. Raphael tipped his head back, granting access as Aleric frantically dragged his lips along his jaw and up to nip at his ear. A shiver racked his spine. His now-hard cock twitched against the placket of his breeches.

“I can’t stop thinking about being with you.” A bit of confusion underlined the passion soaking Aleric’s low voice.

Raphael caressed his sides, felt the tremor shake the man’s body. “You mean you can’t stop thinking about sex. It’s to be expected. All your senses, all your instincts are heightened, strengthened. Lust is just one of them. With time, you’ll grow accustomed to the desires, to the constant need, and be able to temper it.”

“I do hope you’re right.” The quick puffs of Aleric’s hot, moist breath fanned his neck. He shifted closer, pressing full against Raphael. “It’s disconcerting, to say the least, to have such little control over myself.”

“Don’t be disconcerted. There’s no need. I’m here for you.” Raphael’s words turned into a groan as Aleric ground his hips, rubbing their hard pricks together.

With a tug on Aleric’s hair, he brought the man’s mouth back to his. There was nothing quite like kissing Aleric. The way it made him feel, as though he had found home. His heart clenched at the prospect of losing Aleric, but he pushed aside the despair, focused on the man in his arms. Determined to gather as many memories as he could of Aleric, for they would need to last him an eternity.

He grabbed Aleric’s arse, fingers pushing the soft wool of his trousers between his firm cheeks. Tongues twining, lips crushed together, they ground against each other, working each other into a fever pitch. Fluid seeped from the tip of his cock, dampening his breeches. Every move they made caused the slick satin to rub over the head of his cock in an agonizingly sweet caress.

An impending orgasm gripped his spine, teased his ballocks. Not yet! He wanted to be inside Aleric, wanted the man beneath him, but the cramped confines of the carriage would pose a challenge.

But he couldn’t leave Aleric untended to—he had given the man his word, after all, that he’d be there for him. He could well remember that overpowering, yet confusing constant need, during the initial weeks after he had been turned. Raphael worked his hands between their bodies, jerked on the placket of Aleric’s trousers. One tug and the ties of his drawers snapped in two. Twisting his head, he broke the kiss and pushed on Aleric’s broad shoulders. “Get up. Turn around.”

“Why?” Aleric moved to lean back down. Raphael had to lock his arms straight to hold the larger man back. Turning Aleric into a vampire had not only amplified his emotions but his physical strength as well, leaving Raphael with the distinct impression Aleric could have broken his hold in a trice if he so chose. He stared at Raphael for a moment, his lips wet from their kisses, his chest heaving, his muscles hard as iron beneath Raphael’s hands. Then dawning comprehension replaced the bewilderment on Aleric’s face. “Oh, you want to bugger—”

“No. Not here,” he said with a quick shake of his head. “Something else. Just get up before we reach Mayfair.”


  1. From the sound of this excerpt, From Afar is going to one great book. Think Ava is taking lessons from Shawn in how to tease or is that reversed? lol. SC did a great job on the cover; almost as good as TEZ would have, :). Ok, just as good.

    Can't wait to read it.


  2. Yummy! Can't wait for your hot vamp tale next week! Thanks for giving over the coach scene to tease us, Ava.

    And thanks for having her on, Shawn. :) Good luck finishing STO this weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt

  4. YAY! I've been looking forward to reading this one for a long time. Thanks for the excerpt!