Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Sweet Thanksgiving, Part Two

They’d put away the groceries and Danny was putting both pies in the oven to cook. Now there wouldn’t be anything keeping Jason from attacking Danny.

Danny’s jeans stretched across his cute ass as he bent over, peering in at the pies. His rust colored sweatshirt had inched up, revealing the creamy white skin of his back. Jason’s mouth watered at the sight. Jason’s hands reached for those two perfect globes, his fingers curving around each tight cheek.

“Hey,” Danny protested weakly.
“Hey yourself. Stop messing with that and come to bed with me.”

Danny straightened and dodged Jason’s grabbing hands. One dark curl rested on his forehead as he grinned. “Maybe we should wait until the pies are out of the oven.”

Jason frowned. “When the hell is that?”

Danny picked up the boxes and read. “Um, like an hour.”

“Oh, hell, no, you get your bare ass in the bedroom now.” Jason reached around and smacked Danny’s playfully on his butt.

Danny yelped, a little too dramatically Jason thought, and ran for the bedroom. He chased after him, catching his lover just as he neared the bed and pushing him on the big mattress face down. His fingers slipped into the waistband of Danny’s jeans and he started tugging them off his slim hips. Danny lifted up just a bit, offering him an easy way to wrench them off, without even needing to unfasten them. He was grateful that Danny always kicked off his shoes as soon as he got inside the house.

After he threw the jeans across the room, Jason peeled off his boxer briefs next. “Take off your sweatshirt.”

Jason removed his own clothes and went into the bathroom for the lube and condoms under his sink. He hoped they’d be able to forgo the rubbers within a few months.

Danny kneeled on the bed, his erection jutting between his thighs, gesturing for Jason to come lay down on his back on the bed. “I wanna straddle you.”

He rolled on the condom and slicked his sheathed cock before lying on the mattress. “Okay, come on.”

Danny reached for the lube and inched toward Jason on his knees. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to Jason’s. “Did I ever tell you that you have the best lips on the planet?”

Jason laughed. “When did you kiss everyone on the planet?”

“I go by averages,” Danny said, his teeth sinking in to Jason’s bottom lip.

Jason darted his tongue out, running it along the seam of Danny’s mouth. “Open up.” Danny complied and his tongue slipped inside to find his lover’s tongue.

Danny broke the kiss and trailed his lips down Jason’s throat, to his nipples, snagging the right one between sharp teeth. He closed his eyes, arching up, his body tingling. His lover’s mouth moved down, placing warm, wet kisses across his quivering stomach.

Jason groaned. “Hurry, Danny.”

Danny slid down Jason’s body and then straddled his hips. Sloshing out liquid, he spread his cheeks, lubing himself, preparing for Jason’s penetration. His balls tightening in anticipation, Jason lifted up at the same time as Danny’s pushed down.

“Ah,” Danny breathed as he sunk down on Jason’s hard length.

His fingers pressed into Danny’s hips, urging him to move. Every time Danny plunged down, closing around his shaft, Jason thrust up, probing for his lover’s gland.

One hand still holding on to Danny, Jason grasped his lover’s cock, stroking the hard length. Danny’s pearly whites sank into his bottom lip.

He knew his release was close and judging by the whimpers coming from Danny, Jason knew he was close too. Jason sped up his thrusts even as Danny rode him fast, his lids drooping half-closed.

“Come for me, babe.”

Danny’s gasped and covered Jason’s hand with his, jerking his cock hard with quick, frantic strokes. Glossy white jism shot out from his dick.

The sight and smell of Danny’s cum sent him over the edge and with a cry torn from his throat, Jason emptied into the condom.

After he pulled out, he collapsed on the bed and pulled Danny close. “Mmm.”

Danny snuggled closed, resting his head on Jason’s chest. For a moment it brought Jason back to when they were just kids, innocent of the hate out there and loving each other. He tightened his hold and leaned down to kiss the top of Danny’s dark head. His heart swelled.



“I…love you.” His breath hitched. Danny stiffened and for a moment Jason thought maybe he’d made a mistake. But then Danny rose up to look in his eyes.

“I love you, too, Jason.” Danny smiled. He laid his head down on Jason’s chest again and closed his eyes.

Jason exhaled and decided to close his eyes for a moment or two before going to check on the pies.


  1. Uh oh, good thing pumpkin pie is supposed to be brown...I get a feeling that after that romp, a quick nap is going to stretch out a bit!

  2. Those "I love you"s definitely make up for the possibility of burned pies. So sweet!

  3. That was both incredibly sexy and sweet at the same time. The "I love you" makes it a perfect Thanksgiving.
    WOW, Angel Face! Fabulous job!