Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My BFF and Thanksgiving Stories

The first part of my post today is to say how very unhappy I am that my dear bff, Shayne (most of you know my Shayster), has been sick for so long. He contracted the H1N1 virus shortly before Halloween and because of a weakness in his lungs (one that he and I share), he's had a difficult time getting better. So if everyone could keep him in their thoughts and prayers for him to be feeling better very soon I would really appreciate it.

I hope everyone will enjoy this week's free story, A Sweet Thanksgiving, featuring Jason and Danny from Sweet Reunion. I know their story was out more recently then some other stories that didn't get chosen but I felt like they deserved something a little more positive then their HFN ending. I hope you'll enjoy the next two parts of the story.

Next week is a head's up for the free story. It's Most Likely to Have a Successful Holiday. This features Clark and Thomas from Most Likely to Succeed. If you haven't read their story yet now may be your chance to get to it before next week. Clark is a favorite of mine since he has a slightly naughty side. It may also interest you that to date Most Likely to Succeed is my best seller at Amber Quill (it was a former #1 seller there) AND at All Romance Ebooks (made it to #4 on the the best seller list for their site). Not that I am trying to influence you to read it if you haven't or anything, lol.


  1. Such a hideous virus, people close to me have had it as well and it takes quite a bit of time to recover even without his circumstances. Hope Shayne is on the mend soon and can maybe do a bit of reading in the meantime. I'm sure the shorts you are putting out for us all are keeping him distracted. *kisses* to you both. Feel better soon Shayne! And thanks again for the stories, S.

  2. Poor Shayne - I have had it myself and it is just vile....

    Took me about 6 weeks before I was anything Like my old self.

    Loads of warm fuzzy feeling and wishes from all the way over here for him .....

    Thanks for the happy ending that you are giving us - I am enjoying them...


  3. I'm doing better, but it's taking it's time getting there. Thanks for the sweet thoughts.

    I love you MDSS.

  4. I'm looking forward to more holiday stories. Thanks for posting them.

    Glad you are feeling better Shayne. I'm surrounded by the flu, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to stay well.

  5. Shawn,

    I'm loving the stories. Thanks again! Also, I think it's awesome that you and Shayne have forged such a great friendship.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, sweetie. I'm still praying that you'll get over this soon. I know you and Jack have both been miserably ill. It's just awful that such nice people have to feel so bad. (((hugs)))

  6. It's everywhere around here, too. By some miracle, Chris has escaped it. Thank goodness Jack is feeling better and Shayne is getting there too!

    Thanks for the free stories, Shawn:) I love spying into our favorite heroes lives for a few moments:)

  7. I'm loving your free stories! It just shows what a terrific person you are for sharing them with us.

    I'm glad Shayne is feeling better. It's so terrific how much you care for each other. That's true friendship. I have that with Mags even if she's pressuring me to wear eyeliner! *grins*

  8. You'd probably look very cute in eyeliner, Drew

  9. Drew,

    You should try the eyeliner!