Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jake and Damian Are Feeling the Love

Thanks everyone for stopping by this week for Damian's Feast. My former football players are feeling the love.

It's no secret that Jake has been somewhat perceived by some readers as being weak for his actions in Jake's Regret. I never thought of him that way and I know from speaking with some readers they didn't either. So those of you that choose to read Jake's Regret after reading the Thanksgiving story, I hope you like it. It's a little angsty.

Anyway, tomorrow is the conclusion of Damian's Feast.

Monday I will post part one of A Sweet Thanksgiving, which features Jason and Danny from Sweet Reunion.

Monday, November 16, I will post part one of Most Likely to Have a Successful Holiday, which features Clark and Thomas from Most Likely to Succeed.

And the final full week of November, Monday, November 23, I will post At Long Last Thanksgiving featuring Preston and Scotty from At Long Last.

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these things, lol.

And by popular demand, Kevin from Car Wash along with his beau, Michael, and their friends, Noah and Charlie from Pulling Away, will appear in December for a Christmas themed story. Don't yet know the exact date.

Thanks for your support.


  1. I just finished reading Jake's Regret and it was awesome! I'm very glad that Jake and Damian found the happy ending that they deserve. Thanks, Shawn!

  2. I read Jake's Regret again last night. How anyone could think Jake is weak is beyond me.
    Thanks again for the freebies! I can't wait until the followup tomorrow!

  3. Joshua and Shayne have both told me I needed to read about Jake. I just read your free story and I liked them so I'm going to read about Jake and Damian tonight.
    Thanks for the free stories, Shawn

  4. I've never understood why Jake got a bad rap, too. He made a mistake and dearly paid for it. That didn't make him weak, it made him human.

  5. Shay would probably say those readers who see him as weak were smoking crack, lmao