Friday, November 6, 2009

Damian's Feast, Part Three, the Conclusion

Some hours later, Damian smiled as one of the two cars he’d been waiting for, pulled into the driveway. “They’re here,” he called out.

Jake walked into the living room, fully dressed in loose fitting jeans and a burnt orange button-down shirt. He smiled a little nervously. “I thought the color would be perfect for Thanksgiving,”

“You look good enough to eat.” Damian hugged him and gave him a quick kiss before heading to the front door to open it for Chris’s parents, Greg and Lily, and his brother, Jeremiah, and finally his sister, Mary. They all had bolted for the door in the pouring rain. He flung open the door. “Happy Thanksgiving!”

He was instantly folded into a hearty wet hug by Jeremiah.
“Jeremiah, at least get out of your wet coat,” his mother scolded.

Jere laughed and peeled his raincoat off his slim body and then hugged Damian again. “Happy Thanksgiving,” he said, and then released Damian to turn to Jake, who stood just outside the front hallway. “Hi, Jake.”

Jake smiled. “Hi, Jere. Happy Thanksgiving. Same to you, Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Hutchens.”

“It’s nice to see you again, Jake. Thanks for inviting us,” Chris’s mom said.

“It’s our pleasure.” Jake took her coat and scarf.

After they exchanged more pleasantries and their wet outer wear was taken care of, Damian led Chris’s family into the dining room, offering them whatever they wanted to drink. Everyone was talking at once. His gaze went to Jake, who stood to the side, although with a small smile. Someday, Damian thought, he’d feel more comfortable. It was all too new to Jake. He wished he could take away the bad memories from Jake, even though he knew it had all worked to shape the man he loved.

He heard the sound of the other car arriving and he gestured to Jake. His lover came over. “What?”

“There’s someone at the door, want to check for me?”

Jake nodded, looking confused. “Sure, okay.”

Jake walked out to the front hall and Damian followed him, watching as Jake opened the door. Standing on the doorstep were Jake’s aunts, Suzy and Caroline. He smiled at the stunned look on Jake’s face.

“What are you doing here?” Jake blurted out.

Suzy laughed. “We’re here for Thanksgiving, of course. Could you let us in? It’s wet and cold out here.”

Jake stood back. “How?”

Caroline handed him her coat. “Damian invited us, Jacob.”

Jake’s startled gaze flew to his. “I—that’s great. H-happy Thanksgiving.”

Suzy embraced him and Jake awkwardly patted her back. And then, to Damian’s somewhat amusement, Jake sort of patted Caroline’s head. He suppressed a laugh. “Welcome to our home. We’re glad you came. Come into the kitchen and meet everyone. We’ll be eating soon.”

Damian let the ladies walk ahead toward the kitchen. He grabbed Jake’s hand. “Okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. I just…can’t believe you did this. Even my aunts.” Jake looked away, unable to meet Damian’s gaze. “Aunt Caroline…the way she’s been…”

Damian pulled Jake against him. “Everyone deserves another chance. Don’t you think? If we didn’t give each other a second chance we wouldn’t have what we have.”

Jake’s blue eyes finally turned back to him, love shining from them. “You are so amazing.”

“They’re family. Your family. And I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Jake hugged him and then kissed him, a long lingering kiss. “Now, let’s eat this feast of yours.”


  1. Loved it!!! Thanks for writing the story and for giving us a peek into Damien and Jake's life after Jake's Regret!

  2. Informatively epic, Shawn! Better was just Damn Good!
    Thanks for sharing that.

  3. I totally agree with Jack! It was damn good. ;)

  4. Damian is really a great guy. It's good he and Jake worked it out together.

  5. Awesome ending to a deserving couple.
    Thanks again Shawn

  6. You're so good to us, thanks so much for their continuing story!

  7. YAY! I have a feeling Jake and Damian will have many more happy holiday's to come!

    Thanks, Shawn:)

  8. I waited and read all three stories together..

    Thank you, I really liked those guys..