Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Damian's Feast, Part Two

Damian doubted he’d ever get used to the sight of Jake naked. As they fell onto the bed in the bedroom, bare skin to bare skin, he still couldn’t get over how lucky they both were.

Even a few months ago, he wouldn’t have believed he would be reunited with Jake. Now, he intended to make sure they were together for the rest of their lives. They’d wasted enough time.

His mouth came down hard on Jake’s, forcing the other man’s lips to part. A small moan escaped from Jake just before Damian’s tongue plunged into the hot, moist warmth inside.

He’d been this lucky three times in his life. Finding love with Jake in the first place when they were young professional football players. Maybe too young, if he thought about it. Finding Chris when Jake broke his heart, too afraid to admit his sexuality and too willing to give up his love for Damian in the process, and finally again with Jake, after Chris’s untimely death, and when Damian had started to believe he’d spend his last days alone.

“What?” Jake asked, his index finger brushing along Damian’s bottom lip. His eyebrows were furrowed in concern. His soft Alabama accent warmed Damian to his toes.

Damian smiled and shook his head. “Nothing. Just thinking a little. About the things I have to be grateful for, I guess.”

Jake’s lips curved and his hand inched down between their bodies, closing over Damian’s hard cock. “How about being grateful for this right now and you can reflect on other things later?”
Damian moaned and pushed his erection further into Jake’s grasp. “Oh, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can think later.”

He lowered his lips to Jake’s, tasting the sweet coffee Jake had been sipping only moments before. His lids half closed, his body unable to stop moving as his lover stroked his length. Jake’s fingertip grazed across the tip of his cock, running through the drop of pre-cum.

Damian gasped. “Damn, you’re good at that.”

“Everybody has to have a talent,” Jake whispered against his mouth.

He swallowed back a groan and gently pushed Jake’s magic hand away. “Gotta get the lube. Stomach or back?”

He scooted to the side of the bed and reached into the bedside table drawer for the lube. They didn’t use condoms anymore, both men having tested negative.

Jake’s mouth was twisted as though he were giving the question a great deal of thought. “Back.” He then sort of undulated to the top of the bed and hooked an arm under each leg, lifting himself, displaying his ass and his entrance for Damian.

Damian’s cock grew harder, if that were possible. His mouth dry, his pulse racing to the frantic beat of his heart, he squirted a generous amount of lube onto his hand. First he coated his dick, trying to resist the urge to stroke it. Too much sensation would send him over the edge and straight to his orgasm much too soon. He squirted out more liquid, coating his fingers liberally. “Ready, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yeah.”

He inserted two slicked fingers, preparing his lover. Jake had long since relaxed when they were making love that lubing the way inside him had become quick and easy. He held Jake’s gaze. Jake’s deep blue eyes were filled with a mixture of love, desire, and trust. It humbled him.

Damian withdrew his fingers and lined up the tip of his cock to Jake’s hole. Jake hitched his legs even higher in the air as Damian pushed in. Jake’s lids drifted closed, his lips curved into a pleased smile.

He waited just a few heartbeats, making sure he didn’t just plunge ahead. He wouldn’t hurt Jake for anything. Finally, Jake’s lashes flutter open briefly, then closed again. Damian decided that was as good as permission to continue. He slid in, all the way, fully engulfed inside Jake.

“Ah,” they gasped in unison.

Damian spread his hands on Jake’s legs and pulled him closer still, pulling out to just the tip, and then thrusting forward again, developing the rhythm they both craved. He wanted it to be a slow, loving coupling, but knowing he still had preparations to make for Thanksgiving and the arrival of their guests, Damian knew they couldn’t take the time Jake really deserved.

Jake moved one of his hands from his leg to his own cock, jerking it to the rhythm of Damian’s thrusts. His eyes remained closed, the small smile of pleasure still curved his lips. Damian didn’t think there had ever been a more beautiful man.

Speeding his strokes, Damian struggled to keep his own eyes open, wanting to watch Jake, loving the sight of his lover coming. He rammed hard and fast, seeking out and finding Jake’s prostate, provoking a breathless groan from his lover.

Damian slipped a hand to Jake’s cock, joining him in jerking the thick length. Jake’s eyes flew open, deep lust and perhaps a little shock shining from hem.

“Damian,” he gasped.

He paused, holding still, watching cum shoot from Jake’s cock. It splattered on his washboard stomach. The sight of the creamy substance sent a tingling jolt through his tightening balls. He pumped hard and fast, his release overtaking him, tearing a shout from him as he collapsed on his lover.

“I love you,” he whispered after a few minutes of trying to regain his breath.

“Love you, too,” Jake said, around a yawn.

Damian rose from the bed and leaned down to place a kiss on Jake’s nose. “Go ahead and sleep some more, sweetheart. I’m going to take a shower.”


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