Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Noticed Something Interesting

So today, while on the site, Goodreads, I noticed that someone had rated The Best Gift 4 stars.

Now, normally, I would be fairly pleased with this rating as according to the site that means "really liked it". But as anyone who has been following me knows, The Best Gift does not come out until December 20, 2009.

I wonder how this reader got into my computer to read the story.

Ah, well, perhaps she is rating the cover.


  1. I had to go and look - I couldn't resist..

    Some eager beaver has been looking over your shoulders.. and fours stars as well..

    Congrats Shawn on your latest not yet release book rating...LOL


  2. Like EH...I had to take a look.

    Hmmm.... Well, congrats on the good rating, at any rate. I think.

  3. Well, I would have given that cover 5 stars. Those are some mighty fine abs!!

  4. Four stars is pretty good for her, lol. I think it was the ribbon...

  5. LOL, yes I should be glad I didn't get one star from my unreleased book. :-)

  6. She obviously decided in her crystal ball that Ticket to Ride isn't as good since she gave that one a 3. Interesting.