Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I'm Doing

As I've made clear here, I have no "official" releases in October and November. Sort of weird for me to go two months without a release, but that's just how it ended up happening.

Anyway, as you know I'll be posting free stories in November and December, as well as my official releases in December.

So, you may wonder (or not), what the heck I am doing in the meantime.

I am still writing Twice in a Lifetime, Jude's story, and the second book in the Sutter's Bay series (Sweet Reunion being the first). I just broke the 6,000 word mark and am on the third chapter. Have no idea what the length will be on this when it is finished.

And also, I am working on a medieval paranormal story with good versus bad and all that. I don't have a concrete name for it at this point. It's called "Sinful" but I suspect that is a temporary name soon to be changed.

Barring any major difficulties these will be out early 2010.


  1. Make sure you're taking lots of break ...

    Have something nice and crispy and a tall glass of something refreshing on the side...

    Can't wait for next year to troll around...


  2. A Medieval Paranormal? That sounds pretty interesting.

    Wow, is there anything you don't write?!

  3. A New York Times best seller? lol

  4. Very cute. Hey, you never know.

  5. Of course you know it already, but I'm really geeked about Sinful. A big, strong, sword wielding, man-loving medieval knight.... :D

  6. Ah, yes, but I also know you are even more geeked over the second book in that series starring the axe-wielding knight, Graham, and his boy-toy, Morton, lmao.

  7. Seriously, Barbara, I haven't written a ghost story, so there's something. However, I actually had an idea for a ghost story where one hero was a modern guy and the other was a ghost from the Regency period. Now the ptoblem was how do you get a HEA with a hero ghost? Probably why I haven't written it. But yeah, I'll try practically anything once.

  8. ...axe-wielding Graham and his boy-toy, beautiful Morton.... :D

    Yeah, you've got to get to that one soon, too!

  9. Ah, I LOVE Ghost stories!! Seriously, LOVE THEM. They are so much better than time-travel tales, IMO.

    There just aren't enough of them. Well, you can always have the HEA as the ghost finds a new body or something. Maybe the young nasty neighbor takes a bad fall? Ugh, I'm terrible. Yeah, I see what you mean, but really, I'd love to read more ghost tales.