Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Magic of Fan Mail

This past week I have received three fan emails. This is a lot for me in one week so I have to say I was quite pleased.

The most recent one was from a lovely woman who just happened to pick up my print book, Lawyers in Love, when she was purchasing another book on Amazon. She read and fell in love with the first story, At Long Last, and was thrilled to discover Scott and Preston had a sequel, Until the End of Time, which she went to Amber Quill's website and purchased.

I thought this was pretty cool. Anyway, weeks like these convince me I must be doing something a little right. They help enormously when something untoward comes my way.

I know there are probably more readers out there that enjoy an author's books that never send an email. I, myself, have only sent one or two as I recall, though, I certainly have loved books by authors I have never contacted. But when someone takes the time to do so, it's special. So, thanks to those who do and to those who don't but still like my books!


  1. One day you will see how much your work means to others. You give people hours of enjoyment and escape of their everyday lives. You have a gift, AF. Thank you for sharing it.
    Your Shayster

  2. I'm so glad for you, it's very self-affirming, and everyone needs a little boost now and then.

    Sometimes wonderful things can come from reaching out and touching someone. :)

  3. First time here and never done this before but I find I have to reply to your Oct. 8 comment. Oh my goodness you have no idea how much trouble I have gotten into since coming across Lawyers in Love at Amazon. Because of Lawyers in Love, I have since bought almost all your books. (Christmas shopping for others comes first--but after??? lol ) E-books are soooo easy to purchase even though I do prefer the print. If I have to choose between not reading your books and finding others that are in print instead, I choose buying your e-books. Love your stories and more importantly, how you write. BTW, what also makes you a special author is the fact you respond to your reader mail. So thank you for that also. Sorry if this is too long. S :)

  4. Thanks very much for your kind words, S.

    I'll probably have another print anthology some time in 2010. It's just I have to choose which stories to include. Be sure to by for the giveaways in December