Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Far....

The choices for the couples involved in the Thanksgiving story are:
1) Scott and Preston
2) Jake and Damian
3) Clark and Thomas
4) Jason and Danny
So for we have three each for Clark and Thomas and Jake and Damian, and one each for Jason and Danny and Scott and Preston.
There is still time to put in your two cents.
Now, you may wonder why I didn't include some other couples from my stories. I've explained that Noah and Charlie and Kevin and Michael are reserved for Christmas stories.
Some of my stories are historicals and therefore would not celebrate Thanksgiving.
And as far as Craig and Alex from Perfect Man, Brad and Justin from Trust, and Jed and Topaz from Stone of Wrath...well they all have contractual concerns. Alas.
Anyway, if you have an opinion, let me know.


  1. Can we vote twice? LOL! Just kidding.
    Love you.

  2. Shayne told me I had to come online and vote immediately!
    I loved them all. How can you make us chose?
    Make them celebrate Thanksgiving all together. *wink*
    If I have to vote, I'm voting for Jake and Damien, but it was a very hard choice.

  3. I am going to go with Clark and Thomas, too.


  4. Shay...

    I wish I had a backing band - to drag online for support... Cute!!!

    (Jack - thank you for joining the team)

    Shawn - Jake and Damien - gets my vote...

    Daisiemae - where are you girl...