Monday, June 1, 2009

Car Wash Contest Continues

There is still time to enter to win a free download of my upcoming June 07, 2009 release Car Wash. You do not need to have read Pulling Away to read Car Wash. It is a standalone story. Just leave a comment that you would like to be entered. The contest ends Friday, June 01, 2009 and the winner will be determined June 09, 2009 (due to my being out of town during the releast time).


Kevin Flaherty’s life really sucks. He’s already been laid off from his job, compelled to sell his motorcycle, and now faces eviction from his apartment. Things can hardly get worse. Now, forced to work a low-paying job at a car wash and barely surviving, Kevin is too embarrassed to even tell his friends.

Hotshot lawyer, Michael Bennett, comes into the car wash to have his Maserati cleaned. Kevin knows Michael well. When Kevin was fifteen, an openly gay twenty-one-year-old Michael was Kevin’s dream. But when the teenaged Kevin made his move, Michael rejected the young man.

Nine years have passed and Michael is surprised how attracted he is to Kevin. He soon takes him out, then takes him home. This time the beautiful man is not too young. When he learns of Kevin’s situation, a smitten Michael makes it his job to clean up the disaster that Kevin’s life has become. But his take-charge, bossy way irritates a sensitive Kevin, who starts a fight, ending in the breakup of their budding relationship. A breakup neither of them really wanted.

Can they repair their fractured relationship or will their differences and hurt feelings keep them apart for good?

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