Friday, May 29, 2009

Upcoming Project

This will probably be my last post for May. It's pretty hard to believe it's nearly June.

For those of you who follow this blog (and amazingly there are a few), you probably have figured out by now that I am incredibly wish-washy. I’ll claim I am going to work on any one story and then all of a sudden I’ve changed my mind. This is one of those times.

As a couple people know, the story I was working on, Ticket to Ride, has been giving me fits. Not sure exactly why I am not feeling the story. I like the characters but so far they haven’t really helped me find a plot. Technically as it is supposed to be for a song-titled PAX out much later this year and isn’t due until September there is no rush for me to push it at this point. I might even need to re-think the title and choose another song title or choose another story for that and give these characters something else. It is definitely something I need to mull over for a while. Which leads me to the conclusion this is just not the time for me to write it.

I thought I might start the continuation of Nick and Ray’s story from The Other Side, but I am not really feeling that right now either. I wouldn’t mind starting Tempted to Taste, which is Ray’s brother, Devon’s story with a hot little blond chef named, Ryan, but the problem with that is that story takes place after the events in The Other Side 2 and it just doesn’t make sense to me to write them out of order.

I know Ava March would like me to start the historical, Undeniable, but honestly if you must know I’d rather turn my already written medieval paranormal, Sinful, into a m/m romance than create something new in the historical department. Which I will say I am most definitely going to tackle this summer (Sinful that is). My big strong warrior, Mathias, is going to get his man. This will take some fairly significant re-writes as you can imagine.

Anyway, what is the point of this long rambling nonsense? I have chosen the next project I will be working on, of course.

I feel like some angst. Angst on par with Perfect Man, as a matter of fact, so I am going to work on Pieces. As in pieces of my heart or I am in pieces or as one of my favorite candy, Reese’s pieces, lol.

Pieces is about a hero, Patrick, whose lover committed suicide. How is that for angst? My plan is to have the darn thing done by the end of June. Really. Piece of cake. Or is that pieces of cake? Lol.

Don't worry, Shayne, one of the heroes will have long hair, just for you.

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  1. You'll get to them and finish them all. Have faith sweetie. You are certainly overdo for a real angsty book, and NOBODY writes angst as Awesomely as you do. (cali language
    Thanks for the long haired hero...I am such a sucker for men with long hair! (duh) LOL