Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Matter of Sequels

So how do people feel about true sequels in books?

Now what I mean is not related books. For instance, Car Wash is related to Pulling Away in that a secondary character, Kevin, from Pulling Away is the hero in Car Wash. This is not a true sequel because you do not need to read either book to get the other one (I'd love it of course if you did). I know most readers like this and even expect it at times when you've introduced secondary characters.

But what about sequels featuring the same characters in multiple books about them? I have two of those coming out shortly, Sorcerer's Lover 2 and Until the End of Time. I think to fully appreciate those books you should read Sorcerer's Lover and At Long Last. I think the same with Ava March's book, Bound to Him. In order to fully appreciate it you need to read Bound by Deception first.

For my novella, The Other Side, I have plans to write a second story involving Nick and Ray, as well as a related story involving Ray's brother, Devon. But where should you draw the line?

Well, I don't know. I often get asked on certain stories if I am going to write sequels. Honestly if I spent all my time on writing sequels I'd never get any new stories out.

So let me say now I don't plan on re-visiting the characters in the following stories, some of which I have been asked about:

Ellora's Cave Stories:

Another Chance - For the time period Aubrey and Daniel come from, there isn't going to be a true happily ever after in the sense that Aubrey and Daniel cannot set up a home together. A sad, but all too true fact. Therefore, I made their story end with the promise between them that they would be exclusive lovers and they would make the effort to see each other when they could. I don't see any benefit to addressing this again.

Stone of Wrath - For Jed and Topaz, they got their happily ever after even after many, many years apart thanks to the gods. They definitely lived HEA

Perfect Man - Honestly I adore Craig and Alex (especially Craig) and I would love to re-visit them. Craig is probably one of my all-time favorite heroes I have created and I think he is complex enough I could get a lot of mileage on him. However, the problem is my contractual obligation with EC would likely require I go to them first with any story written about them and with their current aversion to male/male romance I doubt it would fly there. I can't see a different publisher wanting to take on a story arc from another publisher, so I think it just won't happen.

Trust - Same story. Only more so. For those of you with a particular fondness for my cheater, Brad, well, I'm afraid I am definitely obligated contractually to EC where Brad is concerned. So, unfortunately you will have to decide for yourselves if Brad and Justin can truly make it work.

Wanting Sam - Believe it or not someone wanted a sequel for Krystal and Sam. I don't think I have anything to add to their story, really.

Amber Quill Stories:

It's Only Make-Believe - I like Sebastian and Melody but I am not writing heterosexual stories at this time and honestly if I were I'd more likely create a new story.

A Knight For All - unless Lady Katherine has been murdered in a horrific battle and attack on Edward's Castle, the answer is still no. I appreciate those that love to write and read menages. I think there are better authors out there for that kind of book than me.

Pulling Away - With the little look into Noah's and Charlie's life in Car Wash I don't think there is a need to write a whole other story with them in it. Unless someone want's to bribe me with Reese's Pieces.

Jake's Regret - I regret to say, no. God, no, lol.

Most Likely to Succeed - Clark and Thomas were quite happy at the end. No need for a continuation, I think.

Which brings me to The Squire. I get the question of a sequel to these guys all the time. I just don't know. I've thought about it, that's all I can commit to. They share the same issue as Aubrey and Daniel in Another Chance, but due to the isolated castle William owns there is more of a possibility of a sequel of some sort. William and Duncan aren't part of London Society in the same way as Aubrey and Daniel. So it is always possible. Or do readers think that ship has sailed?


  1. I'm for new characters, no sequels.

  2. Poor Jake.

    You know I love sequels. Does every book need a sequel...no. I would love to see a sequel of the Squire, and I don't think I am alone in thinking this way.

    Craig and Alex's story was worthy of one, too. Too bad about the contractual thing.

    I'll say it again. Poor Jake. I liked him. It would have been nice to see how he blossomed under a loving relationship. Poor guy!

    Love Ya,


  3. Thanks, Anon. Sometimes I like to have new characters, too, and the good news is I have lots of new character stories in the works.

    I liked Jake, too, Shay, but he's not univerally loved, lol. I agree, definitely not every book needs a sequel. Honestly I wasn't originally intending one for The Other Side but so many people complained about not finding out certain things that I reconsidered.
    And yeah, a few people have mentioned The Squire.

    You know me, I try to make everyone happy! LOL

  4. If you write it, I will love it, so I am for either!


  5. Raises hand for a sequel to The Squire! I adored Duncan :D And William...what's not to like about a big, strong medieval knight?

  6. I have wanted you to write a sequel for the squire since I first read it, so you know which one I am hoping you will continue. I agree with Ava, I loved Duncan and William! We have to visit them again! Please! :)

    I'm with you Shayne, I liked Jake, too! ;)

  7. I would love to see the continuation of William and Duncan. At the end, we know that William have to marry later in the future. It'll be interesting to see how William will handle the situation if the intended doesn't run off.

    p.s. I'm a huge fan of your books!

  8. Always been a huge fan of "the continuing story," whether of the original characters or of secondary characters. In true sequels, it is usually a very emotional read for me since most of the time a conflict crops up early on that disrupts the original HEA. As a reader, you already have so much emotional energy invested the the couple, and to see something drive them apart or challenge them is difficult! That said, I love seeing what comes next and seeing the continuing maturation of their relationship.

    I agree with most everyone on seeing more of Duncan and William, what comes next?? So much future to explore. My main thought is, what will Duncan be like when he "grows up"? Will him becoming a man change their relationship dynamic??

  9. Thanks everyone! I will have to consider a sequel to The Squire then