Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008

The absolutely last thing I should be doing right now is buying books. I have so much writing to do it’s not funny. As I said, while The Other Side is making progress, not nearly as fast as I would like. It needs to be done soon and it’s not.

And let’s not mention that Jake’s Regret is due right after that and I haven’t any word count to speak of on that story. Nor really…shock…gasp…a story. Not sure where that story will take me. It is literally being built on the characters.

Fortunately my edits on all coming stories have been completed, so that is a good thing.

Not to mention I have a bunch of books I have ALREADY purchased that I have yet to read! So then, why, oh why, am I going to buy more? Simple.

The Englor Affair by J.L. Langley is out. Cannot pass that up. Just can’t.

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