Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

So the release date for At Long Last has been bumped up. The new release date is January 11, 2009. I'm pretty happy about that because I like my stuff being released earlier in the month.

I think I may also have a release date for The Prisoner. I had an email from my WRP editor but AOL was giving me fits this morning and the email wouldn't open. Since that is what I am waiting for from Pam I am guessing that was what the email was about. I'll update this evening on that.

And finally, I am toying with squeezing in a short story in the next week or so. I've written a story in three days and one in about a week. I even finished a novel in a week once. I don't recommend it but it can be done. I've got the premise and even the names Noah Riggin and Charlie Banks. Stay tuned.

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