Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008

So I got another really great review for a Shawn Lane book, so that was really cool to see. Reviews are funny things, I have discovered. While I have been mostly lucky with them so far, I have seen one on a blog that simply skewered one of my books. A book other reviewers liked. Oh, well, it really is true that not everyone is going to like your books. Something every writer must learn.

Speaking of, though, I've come to the sad conclusion that no one really cares whether I change my Regency Ghost story into a m/m erotic or not. Other than my friend, Ava March, no one has bothered to voice an opinion. I even asked on my website. Now, because I have a traffic tracker I know I have had visitors on the site, but still no opinions. Alas, I am left to make up my own mind on Michael's lover. I guess readers will find out in 2009 when the story, hopefully, comes to a publisher near you.

The blog is almost a year old. I believe my first entry was October 30, 2007

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