Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't Stop the Ideas From Coming

As if I need another story to work on, I thought of a new story I'd like to write. Well I don't really even have a plot to be honest. Just a character I want to write about.

Now keep in mind besides A Knight For All (which I will have done this month), I have At Long Last, The Other Side, and Jake's Regret to Write for Amber Quill. These are stories I've already agreed to write for them. Plus I intend to write a sequel to Sorcerer's Lover and maybe even The Squire at some point. And this doesn't even take into consideration that I intend to finish Trust before the end of 2008 for submission to EC. If that wasn't enough, I could still write my third duke book for Cerridwen if I had a mind to and that doesn't even count my books on Graham and Morton. Whew.

So the last thing I should be thinking of is writing another book, right? But there you have it. I want to write about a goth gay guy. Fairly young, though obviously of legal age. I see him with the black hair hanging in his eyes, which are either brilliant blue or soulful brown, pale skin, a stud in his nose, wearing a long black trench, black painted fingernails, and even maybe smoking (I know this is especially strange for me as I am so against smoking). But the character is very vivid right now in my mind. I even have a name for him. Kyle. Kyle the gay goth guy. What sort of partner will such a character get? I think I'd want someone pretty different. I've been thinking of giving a character a tattoo and this might be the one who gets it. Anyway, this is my latest idea in my head. It's hard to turn my brain off sometimes.

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