Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The No News Day

I have absolutely nothing to report. Nada. No new news whatsoever.

I've received all the covers I was expecting to receive and posted them. My websites are up to date. I finished my edits for The Prisoner and chose my excerpt, so I am done there. I haven't received my contract for Sorcerer's Lover so I have nothing to post about there. Just in limbo. I am still waiting to see if It's Only Make Believe is a go at EC (and waiting and waiting). So nothing there. I have months to wait for any final line edits on my future releases (November, December and February releases). I haven't finished any of the works I am working on for the Amber Quill Paxes, so again nothing.

I even already posted about my friend being offered a contract from Loose-ID. The story formerly know as "The Switch" is now known as "Bound by Deception by Ava March." and should be released in September as long as everything goes smoothly (contracts, revisions, etc.). I look forward to seeing her cover and of course purchasing a copy when it comes out.

My visitors leave tomorrow very early. This hasn't been the most fun visit for them or us. My mother has been in the hospital pretty much the entire time. It will be kind of good to have some normalcy back in my life when they leave.

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