Friday, August 15, 2008

Not Always Good News

So, my editor at Ellora's Cave rejected my latest submission to them, It's Only Make Believe. Bummer. Basically it wasn't the writing, but the content. EC has some specific stuff they won't publish (and no I don't mean the sexual no-no's most publishers have) and apparently this story had something in it that they are not comfortable with. Even though there is no element of cheating in the story, my editor felt that it could be perceived that way. Okay, fair enough. It was a business decision on their part and I'm not taking it personally.

Now I will pursue other opportunities on behalf of It's Only Make Believe. I'll update on that as I have news.

But certainly this means Ellora's Cave will not be the right home for Trust with Brad and Justin. Brad does cheat on Justin, that is why they break up.

What does this mean for my next story at EC? I don't know. I probably won't have anything new to submit to them until sometime in 2009 and at the moment I can't even think of what my story would be. I have too many other stories going to too many other publishers first. But I will eventually write something to submit there again. I want to keep all my publishers happily publishing me.

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