Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008

So I asked my editor at EC about the elements I have in Trust and Beyond the Norm to see if they would be objectionable as I suspected. To my surprise, I was told the elements were acceptable. Now obviously I would still need to execute them in a readable, entertaining way. I have no real worries there.

That leads me back to the possibility of Trust for EC. Honestly that is who I originally targeted Trust for. As for Beyond The Norm I am still thinking Amber Allure for that one (or possibly Loose-ID), but it's nice to know I have options should I decide to go the EC route with that one after all.

I didn't quite escape final line edits for Another Chance (coming out in just under two weeks), but they were such tiny changes I made them in literally less than two minutes. Probably the easiest ones I will ever have. I'm pretty excited Aubrey and Daniel come out on September 03, 2008!

I am blogging this coming Saturday, August 23, on Amber Quill's Author Blog. I am intending to post a tiny snippet of my upcoming release there, Sorcerer's Lover. If only the contract would actually arrive. Sigh.

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