Friday, August 22, 2008


I hate waiting. Really. I don't have the patience for this career, I think.

Now I don't think I used to be this bad. It's been since I actually sold that I became so impatient for writing news. Not that I don't have a certain amount of impatience in day to day life. But I recall only a year ago last summer when I hadn't made a single sale I was not this impatient.

Heck, I waited three months from when I first sent my partials of the Duke books to Cerridwen before I even got a request for the full. I didn't agonize over it. When I sent the fulls to my now editor, I didn't check my email obsessively for a response. So, in fact, when three weeks later, I got offered contracts I was shocked because I hadn't expected such a quick response.

And Lord knows the print publishers take even longer. So, therefore, why, oh why, do I now think an entire week is like agony?

I sent It's Only Make Believe off to another editor just a week ago yet it's making me a bit loony that I haven't received a response.

When I send new stuff to my editor at EC I know I can expect to receive a response within eight weeks but I also want it like two days later. Am I nuts or what?

It's also making me slightly nuts that I haven't received my contract for Sorcerer's Lover even though I am told it is coming, there is no problem, and we have plenty of time. Yet every damn day I am checking my mail box for it.

I think it must be my CPs influence, LOL. She has turned me into an email/mail stalking monster!

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  1. LOL!!!!

    Waiting does suck! Sorry I helped turn you into an e-mail stalker. um...maybe I'm not so sorry. It is so much more fun to stalk with a friend. :)