Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Thoughts Again

I've decided not to rush It's Only Make Believe to get it out by Sunday. Why? What is the rush? I'm just going to write it, work on it every day until it is finished, make sure it's good, and then send it. I still expect to send it soon but there is no reason to make a non-existent deadline for myself. I want the story to be good, not done fast. It likely will still be a quickie length, I'll see where it takes me in length. If it is done by Sunday, great, but it doesn't have to be.

I was reading a few romance blogs recently. One implied that she'd read a lot of formulaic erotic romances lately. That's probably true. Really there's a lot of that in romances in general. I don't think erotic romances are the only ones. For that matter there are cliched formulas to other genres as well, fantasy, horror, etc. Of course the stuff she mentioned isn't what I've read or even the types of erotic romances I choose to read for the most part (a clue is in what I write myself).

Another one I read was about jealousy. I actually enjoyed reading that posting more than the one mocking erotic romances. I think we all have a touch of jealousy that is hard to control. I once had a dream of selling to the New York print pubs. I'm not sure that is the place for me anymore. But I have a touch of jealousy aimed at two friends who recently not only snagged up and coming hot agents but sold books to big time publishers. They are living my dream or the one I had for many years, anyway. I am also, of course, very happy and proud of them too and wish them both success.

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