Thursday, July 31, 2008

Speaking of It's Only Make Believe I may end up with a novella rather than a quickie length after all. I have this urge to make it a little more substantive than I originally thought. We'll see. The quickie length goes to 15,000 words so it is possible I will still be in that range. Novella lengths for EC are 18,000 plus. So if it gets in between those two word counts I'll be in trouble.

If my editor at EC rejects it then I am pretty sure I can get it published with Amber Heat. It won't work for Loose-ID no matter what the word count as it is too heterosexual for them. Anyway, hopefully when it's been submitted it will be a go at EC. I still would like to have it to my editor there sooner rather than later though I don't think it will be by the weekend as I said earlier. Maybe by next weekend? Definitely by the middle of August.

I received edits for Wanting Sam and have completed them. I'll be returning those to my editor today. I chose my excerpt but am admittedly having trouble with my blurb.

Waiting still for my contract for Sorcerer's Lover to reach me. I anticipate getting it soon.

And we all know I still have A Knight For All to finish. I'm like a broken records on that.

We've got visitors for the next couple of weeks which can make it difficult to get what I need to get done.

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