Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008

Today is my mother's 82nd birthday so a big Happy Birthday there. This is a difficult day for my mother as my father died on her birthday in 1992, 16 years ago. I'm sure she still thinks about it. I know I do. The great thing about my mother is she is still sharp as a tack and in decent health for a woman in her 80s.

In other news, still working on It's Only Make Believe. I didn't do as much as I would have liked yesterday. Only about 200 words. Not promising if I want to have it done and sent to my editor at EC by Sunday.

And finally...isn't it odd how things work. I'm still not quite sure how I got into Ellora's Cave with now six contracts. Some of it was skill, absolutely, but some of it was just luck. Having been sent to an editor there who just happened to like my work. If you aren't sent to the right editor at the right publisher at the right time you just don't make it. A friend just got rejected there. A friend whose book is great, too. I don't really understand why it got rejected. She's a New York print published author, too. Yet, my books make it there. Strange.

I'll soon have six contracts with Amber Quill too. I've been over the story of how I got there more than once so I won't repeat it but I still feel my friend's gay erotic stories would do well there and I'd like to encourage her to finish a certain vampire story to enter it in 2009's contest but I know she is discouraged and not likely to take my advice.

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